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5 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Moving Company (For a Military Move)

Make sure to ask these questions before gearing up for your big military move

So you have been given your new orders and are set to move to another city for your military duties. Before gearing up for your big military move make sure to do some research about the new area you will be living in. The best part about a military move is that usually, the government pays for the moving costs. There are limitations to this allowance though.

1.What kind of housing options are available?
When making a military move, there are two normal options for living spaces: a residential facility on a base or a living in the surrounding town. Generally, you can choose where you would like to live based on which option you feel is the best for you and your family.

2. What are the weight limits on shipping my HHG?
A military move is normally given a set weight by the government, which means you will have to cover the cost of any excess weight moved. Depending on the location, different moves have different weight limits for HHG (household goods). Before moving, make sure to inquire with your local transportation office to figure out your weight limit.

3. Which items can I move and which ones can’t be shipped?
Like most moves, dome items are not allowed to be shipped during a military move. Some items may be prevented by the specific moving company or prohibited by the military. Make sure to get a comprehensive list of allowed shipping items before packing your things.

4. What allowances am I eligible for?
One of the benefits of a military move is that the government usually covers the bulk of expenses. The exact allotment depends on the length of the move, you rank and station, and the size of the family being moved. These benefits include temporary housing to reimbursement for travel expenses.

When you are ready to move call Republic Moving and Storage. We are happy to help you with the moving process no matter the type or size of your move.


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