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5 Places to Get Free Moving Boxes: Advice From the Best Moving Companies

Why spend your money on moving boxes when you can get them for free? Here is some advice from the best moving companies on how to get free boxes.

The best moving companies like Republic understand that you will need a lot of boxes to move. We here at Republic also understand that buying a ton of cardboard boxes is a cost you may not want to incur. Luckily, there are tons of places you can go to get free cardboard boxes for moving purposes. Here are 5 places to can go to get free boxes, as recommended by the best moving companies.

1. Craigslist

There is no shortage of people on Craigslist who want to give away things for free. Check the “free” section (under the “for sale” heading) and you will most likely be able to find someone giving away old boxes for free.

2. Bookstores

Bookstores routinely receive large shipments of books in cardboard boxes which they have no future use for. Many bookstores are willing to give away these boxes for free; just head up to the checkout counter and ask an employee if they have any old boxes they want to get rid of.

3. Grocery Stores

Likewise, grocery stores receive their shipments in large cardboard boxes. Stop by your local grocery store and you will most likely be able to snag a few extra boxes before they are thrown in the dumpster.

4. Liquor Stores

The best moving companies know the importance of a tough box. Boxes from liquor stores are extremely useful because they are made for carrying fragile glass bottles and glasses. These boxes are thick and sturdy and are perfect for packing fragile things like electronics, dishware, and glass items. Liquor stores get a lot of weekly shipments too, so they most likely have extra boxes sitting around.

5. Workplace

If you work in a place that receives regular shipments or has a warehouse, consider heading down to the loading dock to see if they have any extra boxes. Your workplace may also have some other moving essentials like packing tape and bubble wrap.

If you are looking for the best moving companies, give Republic a call at 619-317-0163. We offer free moving quotes and will work to make a moving plan that works for you.


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