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5 Things to Get Rid of in Your Home

Whether you are downsizing, moving or just doing some thorough household cleaning and organizing, here are Republic’s 5 things to get rid of in your home….today!

But wait! Don’t grab those garbage bags just yet…recycle, reuse, sell and donate these top 5 things to get rid of and show of your  environmentally responsible-side by finding a new home for all your discards.

  1. Clothes That Don’t Fit: clothes are usually the biggest culprit for clutter. Take a deep breath and get ready to get rid of clothing items that don’t fit, you swear are going to fit one day, have had the tags on them for long periods of time, are out-dated or are no longer worn (or ever worn). There are plenty of charities and less fortunate individuals that won’t leave it hanging on a hanger and will get the use out of it that it deserves. (Note: calling a friend or family member for a little hand-holding during this event is not frowned upon; we’ve all been there).
  2. Gifts: well not ALL gifts. We are more focused on that horrible gift you received for your birthday that you have holed up in the hall closet.  You know the one.  Get rid of it. Children’s art work, crafts or that pet rock that your 5 year old gave you; take a picture of it or put it in a frame and then get it out of the house.
  3. Outdated Papers: newspapers, magazines, invitations to events, expired coupons, calendars…why are you holding onto these?  Not only are they old, outdated and useless they are heavy to move. For items that you truly don’t want to part with take a picture or scan the item. Digital files are a lot easier to transport if/when you move and take up far less room in your home.
  4. Duplicates: How many do you really need? 10 mixing bowls? Two blenders? How about the extra refrigerator in the garage? The list is sometimes longer than you anticipate so take an inventory of your household items and get ready to donate, recycle or sell your duplicates.
  5. Broken Items: a good rule of thumb to enforce is what we call the ‘one-month shelf-rule’. If it’s broken and you have made no effort to fix it within a month you don’t really need it so pass it on to someone that will either fix or find another use for it. The point is that it is serving you no purpose sitting there broken.  Whether it costs too much to fix or you just haven’t gotten around to it, there is no reason for it to collect dust and take up space in your home.

Have any to add to the list? Drop us a note in the comments and we will add it to the mix. Happy Moving!



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