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9 Best Sites to Find Roommates: Recommended by the Best Movers in Chula Vista, CA

Find a good roommate using one of these sites, as recommended by the best movers

We get it, having your own place is expensive. In today’s economy, having a space for your lonesome can rack up the bills. That is why many young people opt for living with a roommate. Having an extra person to split the bills and keep the house clean is a good way to keep stress levels low. However, if you are moving to an unfamiliar place, it can be hard to find a roommate. Luckily, the internet is here to help. There are plenty of sites where you can look for roommates. Here are a few of our top choices, as recommended by the best movers.

1. Craigslist

The worlds largest online classified section is a sure-fire way to find a roommate. Craigslist does not require anyone to verify profiles, so make sure you schedule to meet anyone from the site in person first before taking them on as a roomie.

2. Facebook

If you do not mind making your roommate search public, Facebook is a great way to scout out potential roomies. Most cities have their own community pages, so you can post there to see if anyone is looking for a roommate.

3. Reddit

The best movers know that you can find anything on Reddit, old games, furniture, and arts and crafts. You can also find roommates too! Most individual cities have their own pages (called subreddits) where you can post inquiring about roommates.

4. Padmapper

Padmapper doesn’t only let your find place to rent but also find roommates. If you already live somewhere, you can download the app and select the “Post” tab to make a listing for a roommate

5. Roomie Match

Roomie Match has actual human beings that go through listing to get rid of scams and other shady looking posts. A normal account is free but if you want the full experience you need to pay for a premium account.

6. allows you to create a profile for free and search for different listings. You can also upgrade your account for more functionality.

7. Roomster

The best part about Roomster is that it links up to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram which makes it easier to find and vet potential roommates.

8. Diggz

Diggz is a relatively new app and only serves about 13 cities currently, though if you are in one of those cities it makes finding a roommate a breeze. Diggz lets you set roommate preferences and then uses those to match you with other potential roommates.

9. Rainbow Roommates

A roommate finder specifically designed for the LGTBQ community, Rainbow Roommates currently only serves neighborhood around NYC but is looking to expand out. The site is a bit more expensive than other options, but you can post listings for free.

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