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Advice from Local Movers to Make a Move Fun for Kids

For kids, regardless of age, nothing is more boring than moving Especially after packing all their toys, kids have few things to do other than grumble and complain. Thanks to advice provided by top local movers, there are ways to make the moving process fun for kids. In fact, not only do kids have fun, but they also get involved, which reduces your stress level.

  • Silly Songs – After researching several of the best local movers, if you decide to do the packing opposed to paying for an add-on service, you have the opportunity to get your kids involved. Instead of just putting things in a box, get their attention with songs playing in the background. As a family, you can harmonize or use different voices to sing the lyrics. You might even encourage your kids to make up a silly song that has to do with packing.
  • Small Surprises – Another way to make packing fun is by hiding a few little surprises inside of things they are responsible for putting in boxes. For instance, you might hide a favorite candy bar inside a shoe, a handheld game in a sock drawer, or a cute note attached to an item of clothing in the closet.
  • Box Artwork – For younger children, provide them with stain-proof markers and have them decorate the moving boxes. Although this does not help with productivity, it keeps them entertained while you pack.
  • Game on the Road – Even when using local movers for your new home on the other side of town, you and the kids can enjoy various road games while driving to the location. You can play things like I Spy or see who can find the most out-of-state license plates.
  • Unpacking – For kids around 10 and older, allow them to unpack a few boxes for their rooms. Typically, kids get excited after arriving at a new home, making them eager to get involved with unpacking their things.
  • Overnight Camp Out – Instead of setting up the beds, the family can have a camp out the first night. Using sheets, you can create a “tent” in the living or family room. Then, everyone can sleep on comforters or blankets, use flashlights to see, and snack on delivered pizza. Not only is this fun for the kids, but it also gives everyone time to relax and unwind before getting to work the following day.


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