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Advice for Moving on Short Notice: What to do When you Need Cross Country Movers, Quickly!

Moves can happen for many reasons—for a new job, to relocate to be by family, to build a new future for yourself and your loved ones. Sometimes those reasons happen on short notice, and when they do, Republic is the partner you can trust to help you get there.

When you have less time to prepare for a move than you might want, it’s even more important to get organized and provide yourself with the resources to get the job done right. Cross country movers will tell you that the moves that go the smoothest are the moves where the client has done preparation work in advance.
These items can be done in advance of the move, and will make the move easier:

• Make a list of your current utilities, and figure out if you need to call to cancel them or if you can do it online.
• Make a list of the utilities you’ll need to turn on at your new address, and create online logins for the utilities you can access over the web.
• Set up mail forwarding (you can do this in advance by selecting the date on which you want mail forwarding to begin).
• Consider services you’ll want in your new home other than utilities—making a cable or internet appointment can take a few weeks, so these can be scheduled in advance, as well.
• If your new home requires any kind of HOA application, parking permit, or other residency paperwork, consider getting this done in advance as well to make your transition easier.
• If you have children, investigate what is needed to enroll them in school as far in advance of the move as possible. You can also ask their new schools what supplies they’ll need in advance, and have that packed and ready to go alongside the rest of your household.
• Spend some time familiarizing yourself with your new neighborhood and community online or via a map application. Knowing where your closest pharmacy, grocery store, urgent care, or dry cleaner are in advance can help you acclimate more quickly to your new home.

Part of making a quick move easier is also relying on the experts you’ve hired for their services. No matter how far you’re moving, choosing to work with cross country movers means that you’ll benefit from the experience of teams that have managed complex, long-distance moves. When you select a mover to work with, be sure to investigate the scope of their services, and check online for reviews and recommendations from other clients.

Consider off-loading as many tasks as possible to your moving team. Experienced cross country movers like Republic use a system of organization when packing that helps keeps the items in each room sorted and labeled, so that they can be accurately placed in your new home. Utilizing packing services makes your life easier both as you get ready to leave your old home, and as you move into your new home.


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