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Try these Apps to Declutter and Make Cash before a Move with Republic Moving and Storage 

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At Republic Moving and Storage, we know that many of our clients take the opportunity of a move to decrease the number of items in their household or storage unit. Decluttering, donating, and reselling can make your move easier, including moving in, unpacking, and organizing in your new space! And these days, more and more apps and online platforms exist to help make the process easier. If you’re moving storage units or houses, try these apps for your reselling and decluttering needs.

Facebook Marketplace. Since so many of us have joined the social network, it’s no wonder Facebook services like the Marketplace have taken off. Marketplace makes it easy to list items for sale and connect with local buyers, including notifying your connections or folks in your area of new listings.

eBay. Because eBay has been around for several years, it’s a trustworthy platform with good tech support. And now, it has a mobile app that enables you to sell locally, which can make it faster and easier for you to connect with possible buyers.

LetGo. This app was designed to be user-friendly and to be able to target your local area with appropriate listings. It has a simple interface, and best of all, it’s free to use.

Decluttr. If you’re looking for the fastest way to clear out your attic, garage, or basement, Decluttr was made to help you get rid of quality items in bulk. They provide a shipping label and you’ll ship boxes of your items to them, where they are inspected and resold.

Organizing your household goods before a move might seem daunting, but it can be helpful for the rest of your move and unpacking processes to donate, sell, and discard items that you no longer use or need. If you’re moving storage spaces or homes, try one of these online apps to get rid of saleable items, and remember that local charities also appreciate good quality household goods, clothing, and kitchen items. When you’re ready to schedule your move, Republic Moving and Storage is ready to help. Call today to get started with your free quote.


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