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A Guide to Moving with Seniors From the Best Movers

The best movers know that moving a senior can present a unique set of challenges. If it will be your parent that is moving into your home or otherwise downsizing to a smaller home or assisted living facility, you will certainly want a plan to reduce stress and difficulties for all of you.

Regardless of the destination, Republic Moving and Storage offers this guidance to assist in the transition for you and your aging parent.


Get Started as Soon as Possible
Give yourselves ample time to get organized. Be sure you give yourself as much time as possible, but especially if the older adult has any physical or mobility challenges to slow them down. Consider planning for the move at least eight weeks before your proposed move date.  

Eliminate Unimportant Items
It’s sometimes challenging to eliminate items to reduce the amount of possessions that need to be moved. Some of their personal belongings might not have high monetary value, but these items may hold fond memories to your older friend or parent. Compassionately encourage them to let go of their things that won’t be needed in their new home. Preserve a few selected items that have special sentimentality. The best movers will encourage donations to charities or homeless shelters and may even have specific charities they work with to recommend.

Just One Room at a Time
When helping to move your senior adult, focus on accomplishing one room at a time. You can pack everything yourself or choose to have your movers do the packing to prevent your loved one from becoming overwhelmed or even confused by the experience.

Hire the Best Movers for the Job
There are a multitude of moving companies, but not many that specialize in senior moves. This is why it’s so important to hire professionals like Republic Moving and Storage. They have the experience and qualifications for this delicate situation. Your moving experts will work expediently, carefully, and with compassion.

Remain Positive
If moving an older adult or parent, expect potentially high emotions and if your mother or father are moving into your own home, surround them as much as possible with family members. Giving up a portion of independence is difficult. Focus on positive changes to keep their spirits up.

Moving specialists at Republic Moving and Storage are standing by and available to arrange your free, no-obligation quote. Contact us today with all your senior moving questions.


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