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The Best Moving Services Offer These Tips for Moving into a Rental Space

There are several unique challenges to moving into a rental apartment. With this in mind, local movers recommend you leave your friends and family out of the picture and hire a professional moving company to help ensure your move goes smoothly. The best moving services can help you identify the types of problem you might encounter and help you figure out how to get around them before moving day. Keep in mind that moving into a rental apartment is entirely different from moving into a purchased house.  Here are a few of the most common problems encountered by movers and how using a reputable moving company can make a big difference.

Traffic Congestion

If you are moving into an apartment downtown or in another part of town with heavy traffic, the best moving services in the area will plan out their route beforehand. They’ll look at one-way streets, construction, limited access issues, even narrow streets. Using this information, they can plan a route and a time when they have the best chance of avoiding any unnecessary delays.

Apartments That Are on the Second Floor

If your new home is on the second or higher floor, an experienced moving company will inspect the area and access to your new home before delivery day. This will allow them to determine the safest and easiest ways to get everything into your new home including using the freight elevator, stairs, or an outside lift or crane if needed.

Avoiding Upsetting the Neighbors

Local moving companies realize that without careful planning, moving into your new home can lead to angry neighbors. The best movers will determine the best time to deliver your household. The time they choose should be convenient for you and your neighbors, avoid times such as when the kids are getting off the school buses in the afternoon, and avoid high congestion times.

Extra Services

Careful planning is only a small part of what the best moving services have to offer. They offer services such as packing, unpacking, furniture disassembly/assembly/arrangement, secure storage, and in certain instances, delivery services. These services are used for things like delivering that brand-new living room suite directly from the store to your new home.

If you are moving into an apartment in the same city or one all the way across the country, contact Republic Moving & Storage at (619) 317-0163 and let us help make your move go smoothly from start to finish. We are the experts in helping people move anywhere in the country from start to finish. Call us today and talk to one of our moving experts about your upcoming move!


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