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Best New Restaurants to Check Out After You Move – Tips from Movers in Orange County

Just Moved to Orange County? – Here are Some of our Favorite Restaurants from our Movers in Orange County

The first few days after your move can be rough. Odds are you may not have all of your stuff unpacked, including all of your kitchen supplies. So you may have to spend a few days sampling the local diners and restaurants until you get all settled in.

Orange county’s restaurant scene has really taken off in the past few years. Here are some of the top choices from our movers in Orange County, if you want to try something new.


California is known for its exquisite Mexican food and Descanso adds its own unique twist to Mexican street food. The restaurant raises the taqueria to center stage and patrons can watch the chefs in action as they make their food. The inventive menu has plenty of non-taco options and a full list of signature cocktails.

Selanne Steak Tavern

If you are hankering for a good steak take a trip down to Selanne Steak Tavern in Laguna Beach. Their signature dish is a 38 oz. Wagyu steak. All of their food is locally sourced and prepared with the highest level of skill from their team of trained gourmet chefs.

Journeyman’s Food and Drink

Headed by executive chef Zachary Geerson, Journeyman’s Food and Drink is a unique spot that features an every changing prix fixe menu that incorporated different cuisine from all over the country. At $75 a person, the price is a bit steep, but the four-course meal is constantly updating, so our movers in Orange County say give it a try!

Mix Mix Kitchen Bar

A local favorite down in Santa Anna, Mix Mix Kitchen Bar is nationally famous for its wide range of dishes that range from Italian-inspired dishes to Filipino cuisine. The restaurant also features a craft bar and a full menu of signature cocktails and spirits.


Offering fare that hails from the Yucatan region of Mexico, Chaak offers a unique taste of culture. Our movers in Orange County love it! Each dish can take days to fully prepare and all dishes are made with authenticity in mind. A recommended appetizer is the Mayan sikil pec, a dip made out of roasted pumpkin seeds.


And lastly, when you need professional movers in Orange County to assist your next move, call Republic Moving and Storage! 


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