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Business Moving Companies V.S Residential Moving Companies

How Are Business Moving Companies Different than Those That Provide Residential Services?

Moving, whether commercial or residential, is stressful. However, when comparing these two types of moves, there are distinct differences in what business moving companies offer. For that reason, it is imperative that you research several top companies, comparing pricing, standard and add-on services, experience, expertise, and so on. That way, you will feel confident in the company that you select.

Although you might come across some movers who claim to be experts for both types of moves, be careful that you select one that genuinely has experience with commercial moves. Because of the differences between the two, these are not interchangeable services. That does not mean that one company is incapable of providing both commercial and residential moving services, just that whichever company you select should have a solid history of excellent commercial solutions.

One of the biggest differences between reputable business moving companies and those that focus on residential services is that the experts know how to get a small or large office prepared to move without disrupting operations. These movers understand that their actions have a direct impact on their customers’ productivity, and therefore follow a systematic process that prevents significant downtime if any at all.

Another difference is that business moving companies are accustomed to packing and transporting not only computers but entire IT departments including critical servers. With unrivaled precision, these professionals can disconnect and reconnect expensive and highly sensitive equipment, thereby preventing damage. Not only do they move this type of equipment, but they also have the qualifications to set everything up at the new office location.

Companies that provide commercial moving services are also proficient in packing, transporting, and unpacking large furniture pieces, filing cabinets, artwork, and so on. Using quality wrapping material and properly securing these items in the moving truck, you have the assurance needed that everything will arrive on time and unscathed. Again, moving companies of all sizes and industries is what they do, and therefore, they know the appropriate measures to take to keep your office possessions secure.

Something else to consider is that business moving companies offer off-site storage solutions. For instance, if you need to be out of your current location but cannot get into the new office for several days, they will store your goods in a clean and protected unit. As part of that, they would store anything like wooden furniture, electronics, and software in a climate-controlled unit for added protection.


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