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Change of Address Checklist: Tips From Corporate Relocation Companies

Follow these tips from corporate relocation companies to change all your addresses while moving!

So you got that fancy new job you have been vying for, congratulations! Now you have to gear up for the big move across the country. One stressful part of moving is making sure that all of your bills get rerouted to the correct new address. While corporate relocation companies can assist in the heavy lifting of moving and finding you a new place, it is up to you to make sure your addresses are changed accordingly. Follow this checklist from corporate relocation companies to make sure all the required parties are notified of your change of address.

Post Office

You should start with the post office as they can forward any mail addressed to your old residence to your new place for up to 12 months. Changing your address with USPS is very easy; you can do it entirely online. All you have to do is give them your old address, the new address, and proof of identity via a credit card or bank account. Make sure to do this about a week before you actually move.

Tax Agencies

Both the IRS and state tax agency need to be notified of your move. You can notify the IRS of a change of address with a simple online form. Check your state government website for directions to notify the state tax department of your change of address.


You will want to get your billing set up for your gas and electricity before you actually move, that way you have power/electricity as soon as you move in. When you notify your power companies, try to shut off power the night of the day you move and turn on service at your new address the morning of your move or the evening before.

Phone, Cable, and Internet

Just like with the power companies, make sure to call your phone, cable, and ISP to let them know of the change of your address. It is not fun to move into a new house without any internet so make sure to set that up a few days before you move.

Banks and Credit Card Companies

Luckily, most banks and credit card companies nowadays let you notify a change of address online. Don’t forget about credit cards you may have with specific stores.

Individual Service Providers

You also need to make sure to let your doctor, dentist, vet, etc. you new address. The need to know your new address for any billing purposes or assistance with referrals.

With the help of corporate relocation companies, moving can be as stress-free as possible. Following this checklist will make sure all required parties are notified fo you change in address.


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