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Helpful Tips When Choosing a Storage Unit

By considering the following information, you will have a much better idea as to the type and size of storage space you need. The goal is to educate yourself so that you ultimately choose the right space and company for the type of goods that you want to store.

Type of Storage Units

 Start by determining if you need a standard or climate-controlled storage unit. If you plan to store anything that would be negatively impacted by temperature, humidity, dust, or insects, then you want a climate-controlled unit. These units are designed with both a heating and cooling system that keeps the temperature at the right level while reducing humidity. For wood and leather furniture, antiques, artwork, electronics, and other delicate items, a climate-controlled unit is highly recommended.


 You also need to find out if the facility offers insurance or if this is something that you will need to secure on your own. Even if insurance is offered, compare the coverage amount to the value of your goods, as well as the cost of the policy to what you would pay by going through your own provider. While some facilities offer protection plans, others have additional contents insurance. Before agreeing to anything, make sure that you fully understand the policy.

Priceless Possessions

If you have any irreplaceable items, such as antiques or family heirlooms, consider keeping those in your possession. Even when you find a superior storage facility and purchase the most insurance that you can, if something were to happen to those pieces, no amount of financial compensation would matter. If you have no choice but to put those items in storage, make sure they are securely protected and tucked away in the back of the unit just in case of a break-in.


When putting items in storage that you will need to retrieve from time to time, consider going up one size on the unit. That will allow you to store everything in an orderly fashion yet provide you with ample room to move around for easy access. To protect your items, make sure that boxes or bins are properly stacked. That way, as you move about, there is no risk of anything falling.

Pest Control

Finally, even a reputable storage facility with clean units faces challenges when it comes to insects and critters. To prevent any of your items from being damaged, ask the staff if they had problems and what type of pest control measure they use. Even if no problems have been reported, make sure that you pack your goods in quality boxes or, better yet, sealable plastic containers

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