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Cleaning Tips: Cleaning Mold

Whether you are moving out or you are moving in there is one person you don’t want to invite to the housewarming party and that is Mr. Mold.

We will start by painting a scenario:….a local woman just recently moved into a new home. The previous tenants “cleaned” the home but they failed to hang the towels, wipe up the excess water after they mopped and when done then they sealed up the house in the blazing summer for over a week. The landlord saw the towels when they sealed up the house and didn’t think it necessary to remove them from the house at that time. So when the woman who was moving in showed up on moving day a week or so later she was welcomed by the awful smell of mold and thought if she just “cracked the windows” that the problem would go away. Little did she know that the ‘minor mold problem’ would quickly turn into a ‘major mold problem’ that, had she cleaned it properly in the beginning, she could have saved time, money and months of feeling ill.


Water, moisture and/or poor ventilation are always the cause of mold. While no one is a fan of the smell that mold gives off, the health hazards caused by mold are very serious and ‘cracking a window’ does not eliminate the mold it just lessens the smell. From allergic reactions, asthma, and other respiratory complaints there is nothing good that can come from mold in your home so it is very important to take the proper steps to eliminate mold from your home.


To prevent mold from becoming a problem in your home make sure that you have adequate ventilation in moist places such as the bathroom and basement. When mopping floors do not leave excess water on the floor that can seep into cracks and floor boards. Cleaning towels, bathing towels or any towels you use that would involve moisture should be stored properly on a towel rack to dry out and should never be left in piles for long periods of time without thoroughly laundering. Those boxes that you stored in the basement in preparation for your move? Make double sure that the boxes and the items are free from mold when you unpack.


For clean-up of mold a solution of one part bleach and 10 parts water is recommended while wearing protective gloves. Always make sure you are allowing enough ventilation in the area you are cleaning. If you are concerned about pets or children allow the solution to sit for 10 minutes, then rinse and thoroughly dry the infected area. If there is no concern for pets or children in your home you can leave the solution to dry thus inhibiting future growth.


As with any home project if you are unsure of how to handle the situation or you don’t know how to clean specific items we recommend that you call an expert.  Mold specialists are listed in the local directories and we recommend that you look for specialists with credentials and references.

For all of your home-moving needs stay tuned here and as always if you have anything to add to our list of moving, storage and cleaning tips please feel free to drop a note in the comments. Happy Moving !


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