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Packing Tips: Crate Fine Art and Antiques for Added Security

Even with the best of intentions, moving antiques and fine art yourself can be risky. For your expensive and even rare items, it is always best to hire a professional moving company with a team experienced in handling items like these. Professional movers have the specialized training and equipment to ensure that the job is completed safely and successfully. Most companies even offer packing services, which involve placing each higher dollar item in a crate for added security.

Estimates and Insurance Options
After assessing your antiques and fine art, a representative from the moving company will devise an estimate and moving plan. As part of that estimate, this individual will discuss insurance options with you. Although you can select full value replacement insurance from the moving company, for high-dollar items, you should also get a policy through your own provider. If an accident occurs, this will ensure that you have the proper type and amount of protection. Before the movers show up, make a list and take photos of every antique and fine art item you plan to move.

For antiques, the team of movers will wrap each item separately, using superior quality bubble wrap, packing paper, crates, and moving blankets. The objective is to cover virtually every inch of the item, providing full protection from scratches, dents, and other damage.

Using the right type of dolly, several experts will move the item to the loading area and onto the truck. Once inside, your antiques will be strapped down and covered with additional padded blankets for further protection. If the item has been placed in a crate, other lighter items may be placed on top to help save space in the moving truck.

Fine Art
If possible, the movers will place your fine art in the original box. But if that’s unavailable, they will either wrap the item with special packing material secured with heavy-duty tape or place it inside of a picture box. For larger pieces of art, telescope boxes are an excellent option for transportation. However, as with antiques, if you have an exceptionally big piece of artwork, the experts will recommend a wooden crate.

Before wrapping your fine art, the moving experts will place corner protectors on each item to prevent nicks and scratches. They will then wrap the piece in a specific type of smooth paper that allows the piece to breathe. Next, the moving experts will add several layers of bubble wrap, securing it with heavy-duty tape followed by padded blankets.

To protect the hardware on the back for hanging, any fine art not in a crate or box get placed inside the truck face-to-face. The movers will then secure the pieces for transport to prevent them from moving or falling over.

Do you have questions regarding the packing and moving of your priceless antiques? Contact a moving specialist at Republic Moving & Storage today!


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