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Creative Idea for Leftover Boxes: Tips From Republic Professional Movers

Put those extra moving boxes to good use with these tips from Republic movers and storage

One difficult part of moving is reducing the amount of clutter. Even when you have all your possessions unpacked and put away, you may find a huge stack of leftover moving boxes sitting in your living room. Most peoples’ first inclination is to just throw old boxes away, but don’t be too hasty! Leftover boxes have a bunch of uses from extra storage to being used as a playpen for small pets. Here are some creative ideas from Republic movers on what to do with those leftover moving boxes.

The most obvious use for leftover boxes is for moving again. If you are younger, odds are you will be moving again so you may as well save any leftover boxes in good condition. That way you won’t be scrambling to make sure you have enough boxes the next time you move.

Extra Storage
You can also use any leftover boxes for extra storage if you have any possessions that won’t fit in your living space but that you do not want to get rid of. A well-taped cardboard box makes a surprisingly good environmental seal and can protect your possessions while being stored in an attic or garage. If you are feeling a bit creative, you could turn a set of boxes into a colorful storage unit with some spray adhesive and colored fabric.

Cat Post
Take it from personal experience, cats LOVE cardboard. Along with playing in the box, cats love using cardboard material as a scratching post. A few cut and taped cardboard panels make a great cat scratching post and will save you furniture some potential damage from your cat’s claws.

Don’t let that fancy new coffee table you bought succumb to ring damage from cu[s and mugs. Turn your old cardboard boxes into absorbent coasters to protect any tabletops and counters. They also make great furniture sliders so you won’t scratch the floors moving the couch.

DIY Art and Crafts
Corrugated cardboard is a great material to make crafts from on account of its sturdiness and ease to work with. If you have a crafty child or yourself love DIY art projects, cardboard makes a great material for all kinds of homemade crafts like signs, paintings, storage boxes, picture frames, and more.
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