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Cross Country Movers Offer These Tips for Moving Out of State

For most families, moving out of state presents many different challenges to those faced when just moving across town. Long-distance moves take a little more time to plan out requiring you to start getting ready a little sooner than you might if the move was just a few blocks. Professional cross country movers, like Republic Moving & Storage, offer these tips to help your move out of state go more efficiently and with less stress.

Start with a Plan

Whether you use a checklist (most cross country movers can supply you with one), a computer program or an app on your phone, the best way to ensure a smooth move is to have a plan of action in place. By following your plan of action to the letter, you can keep track of your progress throughout the move without having to stress over the details.

Complete and Inventory

Using an app, program, or paper, create an inventory of everything the moving company will be packing and hauling for you. Be sure to take photos of your valuables, electronics (with serial numbers), furniture, paintings, etc. This way, should anything happen, you have written and photographic proof for your insurance claim.

Know Your Financial Limits

Moving out of state, even one state over, can be costly. Set up a budget for your move and stick to it. Knowing how much you have to spend, will help determine which extra services you can afford such as packing/unpacking, storage, or assistance with arranging the furniture in your new home.

Hire Professional Movers

If you are planning to hire cross country movers, be sure to check their references and that they are fully licensed (including DOT permits), bonded, and insured.

Organization is Key

You have everything taken care of at your old address; such as utilities, the movers, daycare for the kids. But, are you ready at the new house? Take the time to enroll your school-age kids in their new schools, this way they can start as soon as your move is complete. Also, be sure to find daycare for your little ones, have the utilities turned on, and make sure you know where the gas stations and grocery stores are located.

What About Your Car?

Are you driving to your new home or do you plan to have your vehicles transported to your new home? If you are having it carried, be sure to have it serviced and cleaned before it goes on the truck. Take photos of the interior and exterior for insurance purposes and most importantly of all have a rental or loaner vehicle waiting for you, as it can take several weeks for your vehicles to be delivered.

For more advice on out of state moves, contact Republic Moving & Storage today. As your professional cross country movers, we can help make your next long distance move a seamless and pleasant experience.


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