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Cross Country Moving and Moving in Together Done Right

Cross country moving and moving in together can be challenging – the experts at Republic offer these tips to help you avoid making some of the most common mistakes

No one takes the decision to move in together lightly; not only does this require a strong emotional commitment, but you have to figure out how to combine two households into one successfully. It’s hard enough to do this on a local move, but it can be even tougher when cross country moving is involved. Here at Republic, our experts offer these tips to help with your move.

Someone’s Home

Whether it’s a local move or it involves cross country moving, one of you will be moving into the other’s home and most likely a new job at the same time. This can cause a lot of stress for both of you. Be sure you spend plenty of time talking things over and making sure you are making the right decision before you make the move.

The Bills

While you will have to decide which toaster to keep, whose couch to hang on to, and so much more, there is one crucial discussion that should be had while you eat your first meal together after the move. This is the money discussion as in how the bills are going to be paid. Will you be pooling your money together, are you going to split each bill down the middle, or maybe one of you will pay certain bills while the other one pays the rest. It’s an uncomfortable conversation, but the earlier you have it, the less stress you will face later down the road.

Two Toasters?

There is, of course, the point where you have to determine what to keep from each household. In most cases it’s simple; no one needs to toasters. But do keep in mind that with cross country moving, the less the person moving has to ship, the less they have to pay. We recommend the person moving not only dispose of duplicate items but also declutters before they move.

The Right Moving Company

Finally, it is critical that you choose the right moving company to help with your move. At Republic, we specialize in both local and cross country moving and are here to help ensure your move goes smoothly from start to finish. Call us today at (619) 317-0163 and let’s get started!


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