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declutter for move

De-clutter for a Move

STEP #1:

Whether you are moving today, tomorrow or not for a long time, the key to any successful move is being organized before, during and after the move…and that requires a little de-cluttering for a move.

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Top Items on your list today? Your bedroom closet!
It’s time to eliminate and de-clutter the closet. Get rid of clothes you have not worn in 18 months. Give up the idea that you are going to wear it one day. Donate, Gift or Re-purpose into some rags….you will get more use out of it this way and maybe even a tax write off if you donate it.
Ready to move to the next step? Click here for more tips on how to stay on top of the cluttering in your house so when it is time to move you can do so stress-free.


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