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Decluttering for a Move: Outdated Technology

Step #3: DVDs, VHS, Tapes, CDs

It’s time to declutter for your move and 1990 called and they want their DVDs, VHS tapes and CDs back. Seriously. All of them. They are old, clunky, collect dust and over time may not even work. Technology has taken strides and this involves you not having to lug that box of home videos from move-to-move.
For any home VHS movies bring them to a place that will convert it to a DVD. All those movies that you bought, download onto a hard drive if you can’t live without them. All the other stuff get to donating or recycling. Throw in the tape player and VCR too.
You aren’t going to be needing that.

By doing a little bit every day, if and when you decide to move you will be light years ahead of the game. Remember being organized saves you time, money and sanity…whether you are moving or not. Stay tuned here for all your moving tips, de-cluttering, downsizing and organization tips!


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