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DIY Mover Mistakes and How to Avoid Them by

When you are ready for your next move, it is very easy to fall into the trap of thinking you will save money with a DIY move rather than hiring a professional mover. Unfortunately, for many this ends up not being the case. Take a look at these common mistakes made during DIY moves and how to avoid them.

Supplies, Supplies, Supplies

You can never have too much of the right supplies on hand. Top moving companies make use of a range of different boxes. While they are different sizes, they are designed to stack easily for a more compact load. You will also need tape, a permanent marker (or two), packing paper, bubble wrap, and a good plan in place for marking your boxes to make them easy to identify and ensure they are placed in the right room.

A two-wheeled dolly can be useful for moving stacks of boxes and bulky items. You will need moving blankets, and straps to help keep everything securely in place in the truck. Work carefully and slowly to ensure you don’t injure yourself, someone else, or damage your property.

Pack Carefully

There is no point in packing your property if it is not going to arrive at the other end in one piece. A top rated mover has specialized methods for packing your breakables. These methods include things like using packing paper between plates, before placing them in boxes, using bubble wrap, soft clothing, and other items to ensure their safety. From valuables to lampshades, they know how to pack it all to protect your goods from damage.

Asking for Help

When you let your friends know you are moving, some may offer to assist you with your move. This can quickly become a disorganized nightmare, resulting in significant damage to your property and frustration from both parties. Top moving companies have everything, and everyone organized from start to finish. They have people who pack, people who lift, and people who know how best to pack everything in the truck to maximize use of space and minimize the risk of damage.

Using unqualified help can result in damaged property or worse yet an injured friend. Those that do this for a living know how to lift and work safely while protecting your property. They have been trained in proper lifting techniques and know how to lift furniture and work with oddly shaped items.

Pack the Truck the Right Way

Be sure you stack and pack your truck in such a way as to ensure your load will not shift during the trip or in the event of a sudden stop. A Professional mover will use lots of straps and moving blankets to help keep everything in its place.

If you intend to make a DIY move, these tips can help make your move more successful. However, if you decide you would rather leave the packing and moving to the pros, contact Republic Moving and Storage today!


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