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Do’s and Don’ts: Advice from Top Temecula Movers

With it comes to moving, you have many responsibilities: sorting items, packing, canceling utilities, notifying accounts, and so on. You also need to select a reputable moving and storage company. A simple “Do’s and Don’ts” list provided by top Temecula movers will streamline the process, potentially save you money, and prevent you from hiring the wrong company.

To avoid making a huge and costly mistake, consider the following:

  • DON’T Accept an Estimate Over the Phone – Accepting an estimate for the cost of your move over the phone would be similar to a doctor providing a diagnosis without seeing you in person and performing an examination. The only way to get an accurate estimate is for a company representative to physically visit your home and walk through each room.
  • DON’T Pay Money Upfront – According to top Temecula movers, no reputable moving and storage company will ever request or demand that you pay the full amount or even a substantial amount of the money due upfront for your move. While some companies may ask for a nominal deposit, paying upfront gives you no leverage for ensuring that your items will arrive safely and according to the agreed-upon schedule.
  • DON’T Sign a Blank Contract – Regardless of the excuse, never sign a blank contract. Even if it is a boilerplate contract with standard industry verbiage, signing it without detailed information pertaining to your move would give a dishonest moving and storage company carte blanc to fill in the blanks.
  • DO Check Licenses and Registrations – Moving and storage company employees can say whatever they want in an effort to get business, but that does not mean the information is correct. Temecula movers strongly recommend that before signing any contract, you perform due diligence by checking the company’s licensing and registration status. Simply visit the Department of Transportation website to get the answers that you need.
  • DO Check References – To be completely confident in your decision to hire a moving and storage company, you want to check out its references. As explained by reputable Temecula movers, the spoken word does not always have value. If a moving company employee tells you that it has multiple satisfied customers, ask for names and phone numbers. If you are told that the company carries the right type and amount of insurance coverage, ask for a copy of the policy and then contact the provider. Checking references will provide you with tremendous insight.

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