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Downsizing for a Move

Thinking of ‘downsizing’ to a smaller home? There are a lot of reasons to plan a move that require moving into a smaller abode and whatever the reason may be why a smaller space is what you are leaning towards the realities are the same: downsizing requires tough decisions on: what stays, what goes, what sells, what donates and what is left behind.

Republic Moving & Storage’s Top Tips for Preparing for Downsizing:

  1. Measure Up:  Find out the exact size and dimensions of each room at your new, smaller abode. This simple step will quickly eliminate what you can or cannot take with you on the move.
  2. List Time:  Make a list of all the items that you will not be taking with you. Once you have this list you can start deciding what will be donated, sold or given away to family and friends. We recommend that you eliminate these items as soon as the decision has been made so you have a clearer picture of what remains.
  3. Organization is Key:  Make boxes that are labeled: Keep, donate, sell or toss. Schedule packing and sorting times and start a minimum of 6 weeks out from your move. Stick to your schedule.  By doing a little each day you will avoid being overwhelmed with the packing process and will be able to stay ahead of your organized move.
  4. Pack by Seasons:  If it is winter time when you plan to move start packing up the summer clothes and seasonal items that you will not need. Getting unneeded items out of the way now will save you time and energy later.
  5. Be Practical:  Admit it. We’ve all done it; moved boxes and belongings that we still haven’t opened or used since our last move. If you haven’t used it, worn it or thought about it in 6 months it’s time to consider if you really need these items. Haven’t skied in a couple of years? Get rid of the skis. Still waiting to fit into those clothes that are collecting dust in your closet? Time to consider donating or selling them.
  6.  True Friends:  Have your true friends hold your hand through the discarding process. Having a friend’s support or someone close to tell you that you will never ever use the box of old trophies nor will you ever wear your wedding dress again will make it easier to let go.
  7. Keep Your Eye on the Prize:  There is a reason why you decided to downsize. When things get overwhelming or too sentimental remember all the reasons why this move is the right choice for you and your living needs.
  8. Talk to Republic:   Your Republic Moving & Storage moving expert is happy to assist you in making good moving decisions.  Talk to your moving expert, let them know your situation and ask lots of questions. Your moving expert is a great resource and also someone that can estimate the transportation cost of each item and your entire move which will help keep things in perspective through the downsizing process and will keep you on schedule.


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