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Tips on Green Moving

Over time, we tend to accumulate a lot of things in our offices and homes.  Soon enough that day will come when you will need to move to a new place and you will need to come to terms with all the items that you have accumulated over the years.  Sifting through it can be a daunting task and deciding what to do with it can be even tougher.  Getting ready to move? If you are then it is the perfect time to implement some green-moving tips that will help you and the environment.

To first get the green moving project underway consider holding a garage sale, recycling or donating it to a local charity.  Once you’ve decided on what to keep it’s time to decide your packing plan.  Whether you’re moving your home’s belongings or office equipment locally or internationally your new location marks a new future.  So why not consider “future friendly” products and services such as Republic’s Eco-Friendly moving bins when you relocate? This will not only help save you money but will help save the environment….it’s a win-win! moving green bins

Keep in mind that green moving is not only applicable to the traditional recycling papers, cans and bottles but also to the reusable containers and cleaning products you use to pack and clean your home or commercial property.  The recycled plastic containers that we use at Republic Moving and Storage are pre-assembled, stackable, sturdy and above all waste free after your move is complete.  Cardboard boxes can produce up to 90% waste after the completion of your move.  Let’s face it, many of us simply break down the boxes and throw them away in the trash.  This is not only like throwing money away but does not help the environment.  Using the Republic recycled plastic containers is the wave of the future and eliminates the need to spend on additional materials such as tape, bubble wrap, packing papers, markers and scissors.

Feeling good about your new found green movement? If you want to take your green efforts to the next level after you arrive at the new neighborhood of your home or office you can further contribute the green movement by using public transportation.

For all your green moving home or office needs let the moving and storage experts show you the way!

Happy Moving!


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