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Finding the Right Real Estate Agent for Cross Country Moving

Tips on Finding an Effective Partner from the Cross Country Moving Specialists at Republic Moving and Storage

If you need to make a long-distance move, the challenge of finding the right living space when you’re far away can feel daunting. You’ll want a partner on your side, who understands your budget, your timeline, and what you need to feel at home. Finding the right real estate agent can make your moving process much easier, and take some of the stress out of cross country moving.

Use Word of Mouth

If you have friends or family in the city you’ll be moving to, don’t be shy about asking around for recommendations. Finding a real estate agent that someone can provide specific feedback about can give you lots of great information about that agent.

Look for Online Reviews

Lots of real estate agents keep a personal web page or a real estate agency page that can tell you that agent’s history, experience, and biography. Also look for feedback from former clients that can help you learn more about that agent’s personality, communication style, or expertise. Online reviews can give you context about how an agent does their job that can make you feel more comfortable about cross country moving with them.

Don’t be Afraid to Shop Around

When you call an agent, they will want to “hook” you into a relationship with them immediately, and convince you that they’re the local expert who can best serve your needs. Before you call anyone, identify at least three agents you’d like to learn more about, and commit to calling all three before you make any decisions.

Know What Qualities You’ll Need

Especially if you’ll be coordinating with an agent far from your current residence, it’s important to find an agent who is communicative, responsive, and will truly listen to what you have to say. Ask each agent how they get to know new clients, what questions they ask, and how they work with clients who live far from the city you’re moving to.

Finding the right real estate agent is an important step to the logistics of your cross country moving. With personal or online recommendations, phone interviews, and understanding what you’re looking for, you can find the agent who will be your best advocate and support throughout your cross country moving process.

When you’ve found the right property and are ready to make your move, call Republic for the best long distance packing, moving, and storage services. We’re here to make your journey easier. Call today to get started with your free quote.


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