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Five Tasks to Complete in the Week Before you Move From the Interstate Movers at Republic

Whether you’re moving down the block or across the country, the week before you move is guaranteed to be hectic. It’s important to have a plan for your last several days in your prior residence, so that you can take care of any remaining needs while also planning for the needs of your new residence. The experienced teams of interstate movers at Republic have put together this list of items you should complete in the days leading up to your move so that you can stay on track with your moving plan.

1. Make your financial plans. Interstate movers know that you’ll need to change many of the vendors and services you work with in your daily life as you change states. One week in advance of your move, it’s time to open new accounts at your new bank if you need to change banks, and verify that your IRA, money market, retirement accounts, and any other savings are at an institution that you’ll continue to have easy access to. If not, you’ll want to find a new provider, and move your assets to their new accounts.

2. Pack your “essentials” bags. Every member of your household should have one “essentials” bag for the move, with daily needs such as medications, toiletries, a change of clothing, and a cell phone charger. You’ll also want an “essentials” bag for your household overall, that contains the documents, records, and receipts you need to complete your move and maintain security over your key documents. These bags should be kept close at hand, and should travel with you during your move. If you have a pet, consider an “essentials” bag for them as well, with any needed food or supplies. Interstate movers are great at planning ahead and confirming the logistics of your move, but these bags make sure that your family is safe and prepared at all times, as well.

3. Take care of any mechanical items. For those who love to garden, fix cars, build or do other woodwork, special care should be taken of tools and equipment. Motorized equipment needs to be drained and cleaned for safest transport. Take care of any equipment that contains gasoline or oil to properly dispose of these liquids prior to cleaning or packing.

4. Change your contact information. A few days before your move, make sure that vital service providers have your new contact information. This can include changing your address with your bank, your employer, or your insurance agent. Take this opportunity to also change your address with the United States Postal Service. They offer a free mail forwarding service that will help you transition to your new address.

5. Confirm your utilities at your new home. Utility companies often need several weeks to set up an appointment, so you’ll want to have as much lead time as possible as you set up your new utility accounts. In the week before your move, call to confirm appointment days and times to be sure you understand when your utilities will be turned on. Don’t forget to contact your telephone, cell phone, and cable service providers, as well.

As you can imagine, there is a lot more involved when moving out of state than just going across town. The interstate movers at Republic can help you pack, safely transport, and unpack your household so that you can keep an eye on the other details surrounding your move.

At Republic, we’re dedicated to providing the best customer service and ensuring that your move is safe, smooth, and stress-free. To learn more about the comprehensive packing, moving, and storage solutions we offer, contact us today.


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