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What to Expect in Your Moving Estimate from Top Chula Vista, CA Furniture Movers

No matter where you live, the furniture movers you choose will need a range of detailed and accurate information before they will be able to provide you with an estimate for moving your furniture and the rest of your household goods. The good news – once you understand how moving companies arrive at the costs in their estimate, it becomes much easier to understand the quote you receive.

The Basics of Local Pricing

When it comes to pricing your estimate, the first thing you should notice is that most moving companies use different pricing methods depending on whether you are making a local move (within 100 miles typically) or you are making a long-distance move. When it comes to billing you for a local move, most moving companies will charge you by the hour. You may have additional fees for extra trucks or multiple trips. You may also be charged if the company has to send out extra manpower.

The final estimate will cover the drive to your old home, packing time (if you hired them to pack), packing materials, time to load, travel time to your new home, unloading time, and any extra services for which you may have asked. These might include building individual crates for things like big flat screen TVs or helping you arrange the furniture in your new home. Keep in mind a local estimate is non-binding. This means your final bill could be higher or lower than the original estimate.

The Basics of Long Distance Pricing

On the other hand, when it comes to long distance moving estimates, the one you receive should be a binding contract. Which essentially means the price you see on the estimate is the price you will pay at the time of service. For this reason, furniture movers base their long-distance estimates on the quantity and weight of the items being transferred and the distance they are being moved.

These estimates are usually done by an expert from the company you have chosen. Most furniture movers also offer different options for insuring your household goods. One is to hire their packers as this makes the moving company liable for any damage that occurs. Alternatively, you can just have them pack your most valuable and treasured items, ensuring they are covered. Both of these options will add to your estimate. Keep in mind, if you do your own packing the movers are not responsible for any damage that occurs.

When you want the most accurate estimates possible, contact Republic Moving & Storage and let us send one of our highly-experienced estimators to your home. Whether you are moving across town, across the country, or internationally; we can provide you with an estimate you can count on. If your new home isn’t quite ready, we can also provide your household goods with secured storage until it is time for us to deliver them to you. Call us today and let us schedule your free estimate!


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