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Helpful Tips for Military Moving

When it comes to military moving, people go through what is called a Permanent Place of Station or PCS. As someone in the military or as someone married to a person serving, you may have been through this process multiple times. However, moving never seems to get easier. For one thing, you may have little time to get ready, but you could also end up putting some of your items in storage until your new residence becomes available.

Whether the military helps with your move or you hire a professional moving and storage company on your own, the following tips will make your life easier.

• Make sure that you make a copy of every document pertaining to your move and instead of packing them, keep them in a folder with you for easy access.

• Although the movers will pack the majority of your belongings, prepare a “do not pack” area where you keep toys for the children, pet supplies, medication, important documents, spare clothes, laptop computer, and a small television, including a video player, games, and movies. That way, if you end up in a hotel or temporary housing for a few days, the most important things are with you and the children have something to do. You might even consider taking an air mattress, blankets, and pillows, along with bottled water and snacks.

• To log your journey, take photographs of your old home. You can add those photos to an album, sharing them with your children someday.

• As part of preparing for military moving, this is the perfect opportunity to get rid of things no longer wanted or needed. Instead of taking broken toys, toss them out. If you have clothes or shoes that are no longer worn, give them to charity. Especially when hiring a moving and storage company, the fewer things you take, the more you save.

• For the movers, order pizza and have cold bottled water on hand. Even if you hire the best moving company possible, one with qualified and dedicated movers, by being kind, the crew is more motivated to work and handle your things with care.

• For small items like silverware, household tools, and so on, place them in a plastic zipper bag before putting them inside of boxes. That will keep everything together, making the task of unpacking less messy.

• Be sure that you choose the right moving company. While most offer a discount for military moving, if you plan to leave in May, you might enjoy a better discount since this month is Military Appreciation Month.


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