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Professional House Movers Offer These Tips for Planning a Moving Sale

One of the best things you can do for yourself when the time comes to move is to use the time to declutter. According to professional house movers, one of the most popular way to clear out the clutter, is to have a moving sale. Here are a few helpful tips from the pros that might make your moving sale more successful.

1. Check for Permits – while many cities don’t require any type of permit for things like yard sales, garage sales, or moving sales, you need to check first. Nothing can ruin your moving sale faster than having the city shut you down and send you a nice fine in the mail.

2. Set the Date – choose the date(s) for your sale far in advance; professional house movers also say you should put an ad in the paper one week before your sale. If you can, have your sale in the spring or early fall, these are the most popular times of year for this type of sale.

3. Set the Days – Friday and Saturday are the most popular days of the week for moving sales and be sure you start early in the morning. Keep in mind that no matter how early you start, you will have people who show up an hour early. Yard/moving sales are a competitive sport in most neighborhoods.

4. Hit the Bank – make sure take out a few minutes to run by the bank, you will need change, singles, fives, and tens to get started.

5. Declutter Time – time to go through every room in your house looking for items that are no longer being used, duplicates, and things that are no longer wanted. These are the items that will be in your moving sale. Don’t forget to check the attic, garage, and basement.

6. Mark Everything – make sure you put an easy to find and read price tag on every item. This will cut down on the arguments and will give you a starting point for those buyers who like to negotiate.

7. Sign, Sign, everywhere a Sign – the day before your sale put up moving sale signs on street corners with times and your address.

8. Set Up Time – lay everything out in groups, shoes with shoes, books with books, etc. Doing so will make things easier for your buyers to look through.

9. Get Comfortable – make sure you have a comfy chair in the shade, your cell phone, something to drink, some snacks, and get ready to start making money.

Chances are good that you won’t sell everything. You can turn to professional house movers like Republic to help you move the leftovers to a donation center. For more information contact Republic Moving & Storage at (619) 317-0163 and talk to our moving experts today!



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