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How to Move Out of State: Tips from Interstate Moving Companies

Interstate moving companies like Republic are here to offer tips on how to move out of state

Moving nearby is already a big enough headache, even more so when you are moving out of state. Moving out of state can be extremely stressful, which is why you need to have a checklist for all the things you need to do. Interstate moving companies like Republic are here to offer some advice on how to move out of state.


You should use your out of state move as an excuse to declutter. You will likely not be able to take everything so you will have to declutter. For example, if you are moving to sunny Florida you can probably get rid of some of your heavy winter clothes. You can donate old clothing or set up a yard sale to sell old things. The internet is a good way to sell your old possessions.

Change addresses

Make sure you go through and change all your registered addresses. This includes bank statements, forward your mailing addresses, and changing registered addresses for any subscriptions you might have. A lot of people forget to do this and they get confused when they aren’t getting their bank statements or subscriptions.

Schedule utilities

This is something you should do for any move, but it goes double from out of state moves. Interstate moving companies recommend to try to schedule your utilities to be turned on the day you move in, that way you have immediate access to power and water. If you forget to turn on your utilities, then you may have to go a day or two without power or water. This also includes internet.

Have a party

Lastly, host a party with your family and friends to celebrate your new move. After planning everything, you deserve a nice last hurrah before you venture out.

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