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How to Pack Pictures and Mirrors? Helpful Advice from Your Movers in Temecula

Our Top Movers in Temecula, CA Offer These Tips

It can be incredibly complicated to pack fragile, easily breakable items like pictures and mirrors. Luckily, our movers in Temecula at Republic Moving and Storage have a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to packaging and transporting delicate pieces. Check out the following helpful advice to get you started on your new adventure. And, of course, if you’re in need of professional packers to take over the task of packing up your home, our movers in Temecula are more than happy to assist you!

  1. Use New Cardboard Boxes

While old moving boxes donated by friends or the used ones you get for free from the grocery store might be tempting to use, they’re actually not the best option to keep your pictures and mirrors from getting damaged. Instead, opt for brand new cardboard boxes for maximum stability and security. If you’re not sure where to get professional grade moving boxes, our movers in Temecula can provide you with a drop-off service.

  1. Picture Boxes are your Best Bet

The most ideal carrier for your mirrors and pictures is known as a picture box. These extra thick, sturdy boxes ensure safe transport of other items as well, such as paintings and artwork. Specially designed for these types of pieces, these boxes are typically larger and flat compared to the average square moving box. Normally, picture boxes have four separate interlocking cardboard sections that allow you to adjust the protective case to better stabilize the items inside.

  1. Sizing Plays a Big Role in Protection

If you’re not using a specialized picture box, then the key to choosing a box that will work is to get something bigger than the piece you’re packing. That’s because you’ll need to add a lot of protective padding inside, such as bubble wrap and packing peanuts, to keep the mirror or picture from cracking or breaking. As such, choose a box that’s about 30% larger than what you need to pack.

  1. Smaller Pictures Need Smaller Boxes

When it comes to packing several smaller pictures like 8X10s or 5X7s, a medium cardboard box will work perfectly fine, so long as it’s sturdy. In this instance, use a generous amount of bubble wrap to protect the frames, adding layers of packing paper between the pictures for added shock absorption.

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