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How to Stay Healthy While Moving Across the Country

Moving is hard work, even more so when you are gearing up for long-distance moving across the country. It can be very easy to neglect your health during a long-distance move, not least in part because of the lack of time. That is why here at Republic we offer some advice on how to stay healthy while moving across the country. Read on for some tips on how to stay healthy during your move.

Meal Prep

During a move across the country, it is unlikely you will have regular access to a kitchen. Many people just opt to eat out while on the road, but fast food is not nutritious and won’t serve you well. That is why you should take some time before the move to prepare a few days worth of meals you can have while on the road. Things like pasta, soup, sandwiches are cheap to make and easy to store. That way you can have some nutritious home-cooked meals while on the road.

Schedule Regular Breaks

Moving across the country involves a lot of driving. Too much driving can cause leg and back pain. So you should be sure to schedule determinate break times during which you pull your car off the side of the road and stretch your legs for a bit. Scheduling breaks prevents back and leg pain from long periods of time on the road and will keep you awake if you are driving through the night.

Sleep Well

In addition to regularly scheduled breaks, you need to make sure you get enough sleep. Sure, you may be able to make the entire drive in one 24-hour spurt, but you will probably be so tired afterward productivity will suffer. Try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night while moving across the country.

Start Early

Even the planning process for a long-distance move is more physically taxing than other local moves. Between taking time off work, finding a reputable moving company, and packing, long-distance moves are in a class of their own in terms of stress. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to get ready for moving across the country. We here at Republic recommend preparing for your move at least 2 months in advance.

If you are planning a long-distance move, give Republic a call at 619-317-0163. We will work with you to iron out all the details of a cross country move.




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