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How to Throw a Housewarming Party

Once you are all settled into your new home what better way to celebrate the move than having a housewarming party? Where do you start? These ideas will help you throw a memorable housewarming party.

Housewarming Ideas

Save the Date

You most likely didn’t rush into moving into a new place so don’t rush into throwing your housewarming party.  A successful move is one that is carefully scheduled and planned out; celebrating the new house should be no different. Plan the event and choose a date that will allow you time to move in without rushing but be careful to not push it out so far out that too much time passes.

Make a Plan

Themed parties can be fun or a simple get-together with a few family members and friends may be more your style.   Whether you are looking to invite a few select people over or the masses think about the theme ahead of time so you can start putting together a plan.  Summer BBQ, Wine Party, Game Night or something seasonal are few options to choose from.  Whichever you decide choose something that both you and your guests will enjoy.

Guest List

Whether you are on a conservative budget or ready to blow out a big bash remember that what truly makes a house a home is surrounding yourself with the family and friends in your life who matter the most.  Republic Moving and Storage recommends using your housewarming party as an chance to invite your closest friends and family as well as using it as an opportunity to meet your new neighbors.


There are plenty of ways to invite the troops to your housewarming party and they don’t have to cost you your pocket book. Create a free Evite, pick up the phone or break out the construction paper and make some homemade invitations. For the new neighbor’s invitations personally hand delivering the invitations is also a great way to introduce yourself to the neighborhood and start getting to know your new neighbors ahead of time.  Remember that there is nothing worse than an invitation that doesn’t cover all the pertinent information. When constructing your invitations don’t forget to include all necessary information:  Who, What, Where, Why, RSVP information and also detail if you need guest to bring anything such a beverage or appetizer to contribute.

Party Time

On the date of your housewarming party remember the most important ingredient when hosting a party…enjoy yourself!  Your house may not be exactly put together how you want it but your guests will understand. Remember that the single most important part of making a house a home is being able to enjoy it with your family and friends. So kick up your feet, relax and enjoy your place with the ones you love.

Happy Housewarming!


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