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International Mover’s Packing Tips

When you consider the logistics involved with moving overseas, you understand why it is essential to hire experienced international movers. Regardless of the country where you plan to relocate, from the time your possessions leave your home until they arrive at the overseas destination, they go through multiple checkpoints and travel via several modes of transportation.

Respected international movers handle everything on your behalf with precision. In fact, they offer a professional packing service. Because you need everything packed a specific way for optimal protection, the task usually becomes overwhelming. Instead of adding more stress to your plate, allow the experts to help.

Helpful Tips 

If you have the time and prefer to do the packing yourself, you can use the following tips to make the process easier.

Roll Clothing Items – When packing clothes, instead of folding them as you probably do when traveling within traveling within the U.S., roll each item. Amazingly, that saves a significant amount of room. As a result, you end up using fewer boxes. For items you take on the plane, use a dual-purpose garment bag.

Create a Packing List – Weeks, if not months, before moving to a foreign country, make a list of items to take with you as opposed to those transported by the international movers. In addition to several changes of clothing, include any medication, important documents, children’s toys, pet food and leashes, toiletries, laptop computer, phone and charger, and so on. While you have a lot of the boxed items transported in the cargo area of the plane, remember to carry on things like medication, electronics, and other heat-sensitive possessions. Also, any full-sized bottles of liquid, including shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, and so on, must go in your stored luggage. For carry-on, airlines only allow 3.4-ounce bottles inside of a clear zippered bag.

Vacuum Pack – An inexpensive vacuum pack system is worth having when moving to a different country. For clothes that you pack in a suitcase, you can turn a large bundle into a small flat package that lays neatly inside. Just as with placing rolled clothes inside of boxes for the international movers to handle, this will save you a tremendous amount of space.

Enjoy a Seamless Move 

These tips will make a drastic difference in your overseas move. If you have questions about a future international move, contact the knowledgeable team at Republic Moving and Storage today!


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