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International Moving Companies Offer 5 Things You Must Do to Prepare for an International Move

For many people, the thought of moving overseas comes when a sense of adventure. However, moving abroad can also bring with it feelings of being overwhelmed and confused. When you stop to think about it, a move around the globe is hardly like one just across town. If you are getting ready to move overseas, international moving companies offer these five things you must do to prepare for your move.

Create a Base of Operations

Choose one spot in your home to become your base of operations. International moving companies suggest you create a workspace where you can keep your checklists, documentation, and anything else critical to your move. It could be a room, the dining room table, it doesn’t really matter, choose a place where you can make phone calls, keep your paperwork safe, and everything organized.

Create a Master List

Use your favorite computer program (Excel for example) to create a master list of things that have to be accomplished before the move. Then one for those things that have to be taken care of once you arrive. Finally create a complete inventory of your possessions, especially valuables, for electronics take pictures of the serial/model number plates. This will help make things much easier to keep track of every step of the way.

Medical and Dental Appointments

Moving overseas also means making sure everyone has a medical and dental checkup before you go. It may take time to find new doctors and dentists in a new country. By having checkups before you leave, you have the extra time when you arrive. Make sure you have copies of everyone’s medical and dental records. Finally, be sure you get everyone’s prescriptions refilled.

Taking Care of Rover

Taking your pets to the vet and make they have any necessary shots and a full checkup for the trip. Taking them to a groomer is also a good idea, especially if they are to be quarantined.

Your Important Documents

Make sure you have your kids’ school records, everyone’s birth certificates, driver’s licenses, any adoption papers., warranty papers, insurance policies, registrations for any vehicles, and if applicable any naturalization papers.

Time to Declutter

Finally, international moving companies recommend you go through your entire home and everything in it. Anything that is worn out or never gets used, sell it, donate it, recycle it, or toss it. There is no point in paying to ship items that fall into either of these categories. If you are getting ready to move to another country, contact Republic Moving & Storage at (619) 317-0163 and let us help ensure your move goes flawlessly.


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