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Keep it Together

We’ve all had to move at one point in our life and the process can be daunting if you don’t stay organized. That being said we can’t think of one single person who wouldn’t love a good moving tip!

Our newest Moving Tip: Stay organized! Staying organized during your move will not only help keep the order it will help you keep your sanity. When packing up to move to your new home, Republic Moving & Storage recommends that you  keep items together.  For example, keeping items like bookends with books and light bulbs with lamps will make the unpacking easier.   Items such as picture hangers or furniture that you have to take apart, tape the smaller hardware directly onto the items.  For larger items such as TV and computer cords place these items in resealable zip-lock bags and tape the entire bag to the back of the appliances/furniture.

Whether you need help moving or just need some more helpful moving tips, look to Republic Moving & Storage for all of your moving needs.


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