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How to Keep Kids Entertained During a Long Distance Move – Tips From Movers in Orange County

If you’re looking for a way to keep your kids entertained during your long-distance move, here are some time from movers in Orange County

Traveling can be difficult, but traveling with kids can be even more difficult. Add moving with all of your belongings and children long distance on top of that, and you can imagine that the move might be difficult. If you’re moving to Orange County from a far-away land, here are some good tips from our movers in Orange County to keep the kids happy during the moving process.

#1. Entertainment

This one is a given. If your daughter is on the iPad playing Candy Crush and your toddler son is watching Duck Tales on the mini DVD player, chances are there is peace in the car. However, without at least some entertainment (coloring books, movies, music, video games, or reading), your children will be unblameably bored and frustrated.

Keep snacks and general entertainment ideas on hand for when the trip feels longer than it should be.

#2. Incentives

Load up a smaller travel bag full of little incentives for the kids. Whether you’re flying or driving to your new home, you can play little interactive games from time to time to help keep them occupied and happy.

For example, ask them trivia questions and if they get it right, hand them a little treat or toy from the incentive bag. Maybe have them count the number of red hats in your airport gate, or have them guess a number between 1 and 200. Be creative, they’ll love it.

#3. Picture Bingo

This one is a little more interactive with parents and kids but is especially fun if the kids are younger. Before the trip, plan out certain places you could stop or pictures that could be taken along the trip. Set up a little bingo game and tell the kids if they take pictures in x amount of the places or all of them, they get a prize.

Make sure you have the prize ready or know what it is. Maybe it’s taking them to see a certain movie or buying them a certain treat. Maybe it’s a day at the beach on your way to visit your movers in Orange County. Whatever the case, take pics.

Armed with fun activities, brief games, general entertainment, and snacks, the long-distance move to Orange County with your kids can be made much simpler through these tips.

If you’re looking for great movers in Orange County, CA, who can take care of the bulk of the move so you can focus on the family time that comes with this big change in all of your lives, contact Republic today. They can help you make the family move a memorably smooth experience.


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