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5 Tips from Library Moving Companies on Packing Books and Collectibles

When it comes to moving, you may be unaware that you need to box up different types of items uniquely. As a prime example, you should follow specific guidelines when packing books and collectibles. As a result, you will have peace of mind that those belongings will not get damaged during transport. library moving companies, who handle these types of items on a daily basis have provided some helpful tips on how to handle them with care.

Helpful Tips 

  1. When packing books and collectibles, always use quality boxes. Some stores are willing to donate gently used boxes for this purpose. However, be sure to carefully inspect the quality of donated boxes. At times you will find that it is well worth buying heavy-duty boxes from the moving company you hire.
  1. Before placing books or collectibles inside of boxes, line the bottom with quality packing paper or, preferably, bubble wrap. Once the contents are in the box, library moving companies recommend filling any void spaces and then placing an additional layer on top before closing the box and taping it shut.
  1. For books, most people make the mistake of placing them flat inside of boxes. Whether you have expensive or rare publications or just everyday books that you enjoy reading, it is essential that you pack them with the spine pointed downward and alternate bound edges.
  1. As you work on packing books and collectibles, remember that it takes very few items to make the boxes heavy to carry. One tip that library moving companies always tell their customers is to avoid over packing. A box that is too heavy increases the risk of it being dropped and items getting damaged. Packing lighter boxes will also prevent you from sustaining a back injury caused by heavy lifting.
  1. Regarding your collectibles, take the time to wrap each item separately using bubble wrap. Again, always fill void spaces and never overload the boxes. If your collectibles include antique or family heirloom plates and bowls, rather than wrap them and place them flat inside of the boxes, these should go on their side.

These few tips will make a significant difference when packing books and collectibles. However, if you have limited time to focus on this task, you can always have one of the qualified library moving companies in the area help with packing. In that case, an experienced moving team will come to your home with all the required materials and work diligently and carefully to get your valued possessions wrapped and boxed correctly for transport.

Do you have questions about packing services? Contact Republic Moving and Storage today to speak to a moving specialist who can help.


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