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Carmel Valley – San Diego CA | ULTIMATE Moving to and Living in Carmel Valley Guide

Situated near Del Mar and La Jolla, Carmel Valley is a relatively new series of neighborhoods, formed by the city of San Diego in 1975 and only truly being developed starting in 1983. Long before the city officially consecrated the area for development, this place was known as “Carmel Valley” by the locals, named after a Roman Catholic group of nuns called the Carmelite Sisters of Mercy who had established a monastery and a dairy farm in the valley. The city of San Diego had initially taken to calling it “North City West”, but this was eventually overturned in the 90s, and it’s final name — Carmel Valley — stuck. Now, Carmel Valley is an upscale suburb with access to the beach and premium shopping and entertainment in both La Jolla and Del Mar, as well as quick access to the San Diego downtown area.

Carmel Valley, San Diego CA Population & Demographics

Carmel Valley is fairly densely populated, with a population of 55,316 at a distribution of almost exactly 3,000 people per square mile. Being an affluent area, Carmel Valley is very well educated, with 98.2% of residents possessing a high school diploma and 78.6% of residents possessing a bachelor’s degree or higher. This community is home to a significant Asian population, consisting of about 30% of residents, while most of the rest are European. The age range in Carmel Valley is very diverse and is weighted both right and left. About 38% are younger than 29, while only 13% are older than 60. If you prefer younger populations, Carmel Valley is the place for you!

Those living in Carmel Valley are part of an incredibly safe community. Carmel Valley’s crime rate is 65% lower than the national average, and its violent crime rate is a whopping 78% lower than the national average.

Carmel Valley, San Diego CA Cost of Living

Moving to Carmel Valley can be a big investment for a prospective resident. Housing in California is pricey, but in Carmel Valley, housing prices are more than double the California average at a median price of $991,000. This is combined with a higher than average median household income of $150,000, which is about double the California average, meaning Carmel Valley is a high income area and might give you some trouble if your wallet is light. If your budget can’t afford high home prices, you might consider looking around the area for rentals, which might be a bit easier on your cash, as the average monthly rent in Carmel Valley is $2,989 per month.

Living in Carmel Valley can also be a burden on your budget, although housing is the main money sink, being about 200% more expensive than the Californian average. One can expect to pay about 11% more for things like groceries than the California average, and a small amount more for other incidental costs.

Schools & Colleges in Carmel Valley, San Diego CA

Living in Carmel Valley gives you access to a large variety of excellent schools, K-12 and beyond. Carmel Valley is served by the Carmel Unified School District and the San Dieguito Union High School District, which has access to such prestigious schools as Canyon Crest Academy and Torrey Pines, the former is considered the second best public high school in California. Don’t worry about your child’s education — Carmel Valley’s schools are some of the best!

Here are some more excellent schools you should check out if you’re planning on moving to Carmel Valley:

    • Carmel Creek Elementary
  • Earl Warren Middle School
  • Notre Dame Academy

Wondering about higher education in Carmel Valley, CA? Unfortunately, unless you’re okay with a lengthy drive, your options for higher education are a little more limited than what’s on offer for K-12. Within ten miles, you have access to a community college and three full four-year universities. For community colleges, you have the excellent San Diego Miramar College, a big budget institution with plenty of facilities to handle any prospective needs in getting their associate’s degree. In terms of full universities, you have access to the prestigious University of California San Diego, the John Paul the Great Catholic University which is a college with an affiliation with the Roman Catholic church, and finally the private National University in La Jolla. Keep in mind that these are only institutions within 25 miles of Carmel Valley. If you’re alright with driving more than 25 miles for your commute to school, your horizons can widen significantly in terms of school choice.

Climate & Weather in Carmel Valley, San Diego CA

If you like staying warm year-round, Carmel Valley is the place for you! Carmel Valley, like most of southern California, is a mediterranean climate, which means you’ll likely never see an inch of snow while you live here. Just because Carmel Valley isn’t cold doesn’t mean it’s too hot either, with averages in the mid-70s during the spring and summer and averages in the mid-to-high-60s during the fall and winter. If you’re moving to Carmel Valley, expect a miniscule amount of rain, only 21 inches per year compared to the national average of 38, and an average of 265 sunny days out of the year. Carmel Valley is perfect if you love sunshine!


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Carmel Valley, San Diego CA Best Neighborhoods

If you decide or have decided on moving to Carmel Valley, one thing you should always keep in mind is which part of Carmel Valley you want to live in. Do you want to be closer to the Del Mar beaches, or closer to the vineyards? Want to be somewhere quiet and sparse, or somewhere closer to business and entertainment? Carmel Valley is a fairly sparse area when compared to other communities in the area, but thankfully, you have plenty of options for what type of community you want to be a part of in Carmel Valley.

If you’re somebody who loves surfing and lazy days on the beach, one might consider moving to Carmel Country Highlands. Carmel Country Highlands is just a short drive from beachside communities like Del Mar and La Jolla, which both have extensive networks of beaches perfect for hiking and surfing. Plus, this community is only twenty minutes from the world-famous SeaWorld San Diego, which is host to plenty of fun rides and marine life exhibits, perfect for a fun trip with kids.

For those who love parks, Pacific Highlands Ranch is a great option, with over 1,300 acres of preserved land perfect for those of us who live an active lifestyle. Pacific Highlands Ranch is a relatively new community, recently being developed by Pardee Homes, but it’s excellent position makes it highly desirable. Those moving to this area of Carmel Valley can expect short drives to luxury shopping centers of all kinds, as well as quick access to excellent schools such as Canyon Crest Academy.

If any of these neighborhoods sound appealing to you, be sure to check out homes for sale in Carmel Valley, CA, and see what type of home you can buy in these beautiful communities!

Carmel Valley, San Diego CA Jobs

The average per capita income in Carmel Valley is $68,782, which is about double the average for California at large, and the average hourly wage for a worker in the area is $17.18. Carmel Valley is surrounded by urban centers, and therefore rife with plenty of jobs, but those wishing to make the most out of their work would do well to pursue healthcare positions, like nurses, dental assistants, and medical assistants. Carmel Valley has a strong economy and a positive trend in employment, so be sure to take advantage of that to ensure your success!

If you’re curious about current job listings in the Carmel Valley area, be sure to take a look at jobs in Carmel Valley, CA today, and start planning ahead on how to make a living.

Things to Do in Carmel Valley, San Diego CA

Carmel Valley is a place that is positively pulsing with activity, which means plenty of entertainment for you and your family. If you want shopping, Carmel Valley has plenty of options, such as Piazza Carmel, Del Mar Highlands Town Center & Carmel Country Plaza. Check out what attractions you can visit in the Carmel Valley area below, or plan on taking a short drive to Del Mar to see some of the entertainment centers the area is known for.

Cinepolis Del Mar

Are you somebody who can’t get enough of movies? Love the movie theater? Then you’re in luck, because Cinepolis has an excellent facility right in the middle of Carmel Valley! Known for their excellent food, seating, and service, Cinepolis is one of the top things to do in Carmel Valley with kids or on a date, a no-brainer for those who love a good time at the movies.

12905 El Camino Real, San Diego, CA 92130, (858) 794-4045

Carmel Grove Park

If you’re looking for a kid friendly Carmel Valley activity, Carmel Grove Park wouldn’t be a bad place to start. Alongside the great outdoors, Carmel Grove Park has several facilities that make it great for kids, including an expansive playground.

Carmel Grove Park, San Diego, CA 92130

Places to Eat in Carmel Valley, San Diego CA

Carmel Valley is home to plenty of excellent eateries for any kind of taste palette. Check out some of Carmel Valley’s great restaurants below!

Gami Sushi

Gami Sushi is a luxury Japanese restaurant located in Carmel Valley, featuring a wide variety of not only sushi dishes, but several Japanese and experimental dishes as well. If you’re a sushi aficionado, Gami Sushi’s authentic sushi made by real sushi chefs might be exactly the thing for you!

3870 Valley Centre Dr # 302, San Diego, CA 92130, (858) 792-5509

Davanti Enoteca

Tonight, we’ve got a hot date with Orecchiette. C’mon over, and enjoy this bowl of handmade little ear pasta with…

Posted by Davanti Enoteca San Diego on Monday, June 29, 2020

If you love Italian cuisine, Davanti Enoteca is a restaurant you should definitely check out! Combining a wine bar and a full rustic diner, Davanti is one of the best restaurants in Carmel Valley that any foodie could possibly want.

12955 El Camino Real, San Diego, CA 92130, (858) 519-5060

Carmel Valley, San Diego CA Moving Tips

  • Enjoy Carmel Valley’s wonderful weather
  • Choose a neighborhood suitable for your needs and tastes
  • Be sure to budget yourself and take high housing costs into account
  • Utilize local schooling to ensure you or your children get the best education possible
  • Find a job in Carmel Valley’s booming healthcare industry

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