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Scripps Ranch, San Diego [2022] | ULTIMATE Moving to & Living in Scripps Ranch Guide

Located in northeast San Diego, CA lies the peaceful community of Scripps Ranch. Due to the devastating fire in 2003 that destroyed thousands of homes in Scripps Ranch, the community came together to heal the land by rebuilding homes and planting the beautiful trees the community is now known for. Scripps Ranch is famous for their eucalyptus trees, low crime rates, successful businesses, and great schools that make the community so desirable. Only twenty minutes away from Downtown San Diego, there are many good job opportunities there for residents to commute to. Many people choose to live in Scripps Ranch for the community’s unity and great economical opportunities.

Scripps Ranch, San Diego Population & Demographics

The population of Scripps Ranch is 32,476 people, which has been an increase of 15.9% from 2000. The racial demographics in Scripps Ranch are  71% White, 15% Asian and Pacific Islander, 7.8% Hispanic, 2.4% African American, and 3.7% other races. The median age in Scripps Ranch is 39, which has resulted in many families in the area. Only 8% of the residents are older than 65, so Scripps Ranch has a younger population. Scripps Ranch is made up of 52% females and 48% males. The median household income is $144,438 in Scripps Ranch, which is more than double the national average. Scripps Ranch is also considered a safe community with low crime rates and 90% of their residents saying they feel protected in the area.

Scripps Ranch’s area code is 619. The zip code for Scripps Ranch is 92131. Those migrating to Scripps Ranch will be located in San Diego County.

Scripps Ranch Cost of Living

Living in Scripps Ranch isn’t the most affordable if you compare it to the US average. Scripps Ranch is 60% more expensive than the US average. However, Scripps Ranch is only 11% more costly to live than the California average. The main reason why living in Scripps Ranch is seen as expensive is because of their housing costs. Housing is 180% higher than the national average. The housing market in Scripps Ranch is considered very competitive. Most homes get multiple offers and are sold within 18 days it was listed. The average price of a house in Scripps Ranch is $677,000 or $464 per square foot, which is an 8.3% increase from the past year. Now is a good time to buy one of the many Scripps Ranch homes for sale since houses are still selling under 1% the listed price.

 The homeownership rate in Scripps Ranch is 78.4%, so there are still a good portion of people looking to rent. For those interested in renting, you can expect to pay about $2,167. The rent trends in Scripps Ranch have been increasing from 3.1%-5.8% depending on the amount of bedrooms are in the apartment. For other everyday items, you can expect to pay around these prices:

Scripps Ranch Cost of Items (Everyday Expenses)

  • Meal at a restaurant: $15.00
  • Fast food meal: $8.50
  • Gallon of milk: $3.64
  • Dozen eggs: $3.37
  • Pound of chicken: $5.08
  • Gallon of gas: $3.71
  • Basic utilities: $133.19

Scripps Ranch, San Diego Neighborhoods

Since Scripps Ranch is a small community, the suburb only has a few main neighborhoods. The most popular neighborhoods in Scripps Ranch are Central Scripps Ranch, Scripps Ranch Villages, and Scripps Ranch Fairbrook Estates. Central Scripps Ranch has older families and many of their residents take pride in their safety and friendliness of their neighborhood. Scripps Ranch Villages is a smaller neighborhood with an older population, making it desirable to retirees and people who are looking for a more quiet area. Scripps Ranch Fairbrook Estates is the largest neighborhood in Scripps Ranch and has a lot of younger families residing there. There are also many hiking trails and nearby shops in the neighborhood, creating a fun atmosphere for kids and teens.

Scripps Ranch, San Diego Weather

The pleasant Mediterranean climate in Scripps Ranch is what compels people to move there. The summers in Scripps Ranch are warm and dry, with an average high temperature of 77 °F and a low temperature of 68°F. Meanwhile, Scripps Ranch’s winters are cool and cloudy, with highs of 65°F and lows of 50°F. Scripps Ranch’s weather is very mild, so you can expect little precipitation with an average of 12 inches of rain per year.

Things to Do in Scripps Ranch

Located in the popular city of San Diego, there are plenty of fun activities in Scripps Ranch to choose from. Whether you’re looking to be outside or find the best shopping places, you’ll find the most popular places in Scripps Ranch to visit here.

Lake Miramar

Lake Miramar is a beautiful reservoir that is surrounded by greenery, providing scenic views for every visitor. This reservoir is popular amongst residents since it  allows water recreational activities including boating, fishing, and kayaking. There are also barbeques and picnic tables around the lake, making it the perfect place for a fun family outing. You won’t want to miss out on a full day of fun at this Scripps Ranch hot spot!

10710 Scripps Lake Dr San Diego, CA  92131, (619) 465-3474

Lake View Park

Lake View Park is one Scripps Ranch activity with kids you’ll have to try! With plenty of green space to run, a fun playground, benches to watch your kiddos, and more, you can plan for a full afternoon here. With over 200 positive reviews on Google, it’s clear this is the best park in Scripps Ranch!

10794 Mira Lago Terrace, San Diego, CA 92131, +16196851319

Scripps Ranch, San Diego also offers many convenient shopping areas, including Scripps Ranch Village Shopping Center, Scripps Ranch Marketplace, and Scripps Ranch Shopping Center.

Additional Things to do near Scripps Ranch

Scripps Ranch, San Diego Restaurants

Wondering where you can grab a bite to eat? There are many tasty restaurants in Scripps Ranch to choose from, and we’ve found the most popular ones for you below!

Little Italy Bar & Grill

If you’re looking for an exceptional Italian restaurant, this is the place to go! From pizzas to pastas to salads, there is something for everyone to enjoy! The restaurant also offers dining on a patio with romantic lighting, making it the best place for couples to go to for their date night!

10006 Scripps Ranch Blvd, San Diego, CA 92131, (858) 860-5445

Yanni’s Bar and Grille


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This Scripps Ranch local restaurant offers authentic Meditteranean home cooking for every customer to enjoy. They serve lunch and dinner, where they serve salads, gyros, falafels, and more. With many positive reviews on Google about their tasty dishes and respectful staff, this restaurant is a must-try!

12015 Scripps Highlands Dr, San Diego, CA 92131, (858) 527-0011

Jobs in Scripps Ranch, San Diego

The median salary in Scripps Ranch is $144,438. The majority of jobs in Scripps Ranch are found in health care, professional and scientific services, and food service. The average commute in Scripps Ranch is 22.5 minutes, which is less than the US average. However, many people commute to Downtown San Diego for more job opportunities. If you’re planning to commute there, click on the link for directions from Scripps Ranch, San Diego, CA to Downtown San Diego, San Diego, Ca, which is 18 miles.

Schools in Scripps Ranch, San Diego

The great school district is one of the main reasons people choose to move to Scripps Ranch. The most well-known schools in Scripps Ranch are Dingeman Elementary School, Jerabek Elementary School, Thurgood Marshall Middle School, and Scripps Ranch High School. Scripps Ranch High School is the top-rated high school in the San Diego area due to their diversity, high test scores, and their students being well prepared for college. There are also private schools to choose from in the area, including Scripps Ranch KinderCare and Scripps Montessori School.

Moving to Scripps Ranch Tips

  • Try one of the tasty restaurants
  • Residents will experience warm summers and cool winters
  • There are plenty of job opportunities in Scripps Ranch
  • The cost of living is a slightly more expensive than the California average
  • Check out one of the fun shopping centers
  • The schools will provide excellent education for your children

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