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Tips From Local Moving Companies: Protecting 5 Types of Fragile Items

Even with extreme care, accidents happen when moving. To avoid damaged goods, research two or three of the best local moving companies that offer top rated packing services. That decision will dramatically reduce any risk. If you prefer to self-pack, there are steps you can take to protect your possessions.

Glassware – Glassware is the number one item that breaks while moving. For that reason, it is imperative to pack glass items correctly. As an example, most people place plates flat inside of boxes. The right way is to fill the bottom of the box with several layers of bubble wrap, protect each plate with additional bubble wrap, and then stack them on their sides. When finished, used crumpled up packing paper to fill all void spaces inside the box. For extra delicate or expensive glassware, look at the top local moving companies that offer professional packing and unpacking.

Furniture Pieces – Due to odd shapes and the fact that some unprofessional local moving companies transport furniture without wrapping, you can see why this is on the list. For protection, remove all drawers and their contents, as well as detachable parts, like table leaves and chair legs. Wrap larger furniture in heavy-duty moving pads and smaller pieces in bubble wrap.

Electronics – Because of the potential for damage, the best local moving companies pay close attention to electronic devices. Whenever possible, place them in their original boxes. If unavailable, use boxes of a similar size. Detach electrical cords and secure them with rubber bands. Also, tape any moving parts shut. Start by putting bubble wrap on the bottom of the box. Then, wrap each item with additional bubble wrap. Fill the void areas in the box with packing paper, towels, or sweatshirts.

Artwork – Depending on the size and value of your artwork, you can either secure the piece in a moving crate or find a suitable size box. On the bottom, add crumbled up paper. If the artwork has glass, remove it, wrap it in bubble wrap, and then set it on top of the paper. After putting down another layer of crumpled paper, place the artwork inside, topping the box with either packing paper or bubble wrap.

Lampshades – Due to their odd size, damage to lampshades is common. After finding a box that is large enough, place a soft towel or small blanket on the bottom. Once you set the lampshade inside, fill every void area with crumpled up packing paper, followed by placing another towel or blanket on top.

While you can take several steps to protect your belongings, your best option is to identify local moving companies that do all the packing for you. Republic Moving and Storage is here for all your relocation needs; including providing the best packing services available in Chula, Vista, CA and beyond. Contact us today to arrange your free estimate.


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