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Long Distance Movers: Important Things to Know When Moving in the Summer

The summer is the perfect time of year for family barbecues, poolside parties with friends, relaxing vacations, and more. However, this is also the busiest time of year for moving. To avoid some of the challenges associated with a summer move, some of the best long distance movers offer insight into what you should know.

  • Traffic – Because so many people take vacations during the summer, the roads are often congested. For that reason, long distance movers strongly suggest booking your move as far in advance as possible. During the summer, traffic slows things down. Although professional moving companies do an excellent job adhering to schedules, you need to understand that sometimes, traffic can cause a delay. However, top-rated companies will plan for busy roads and keep you informed about your delivery schedule.
  • Pets – Professional movers also try to educate people about moving with pets during the summer. If you have one or more pets that will go along on the ride to your new home, be prepared. In addition to taking plenty of food and water, always crate or tether them. By securing your pet correctly, you never have to worry about an escape should someone open the door while getting gas or if your vehicle were involved in an accident. Also, make sure that all of your pets have ID tags so that just in case something goes wrong, they can be returned to you quickly.
  • Weather – Long distance movers are pros at what they do. Because top companies use a quality fleet, there should be no breakdowns. Their crews are also prepared and know how to deal with weather-related issues. If you will drive a vehicle to your new place, make sure that everyone wears loose, lightweight clothing, has plenty to drink, and if possible, try to travel on the road during the cooler hours of the day.
  • Cost – With the summer being such a busy time for long distance movers, this is usually when the cost to move is the highest. If you want to save as much money as possible, consider moving before or after the summer. However, if you have no choice, be sure that you get a written estimate from several moving companies. For that, have each company send a representative to your home for an assessment. Once you have several quotes in hand, and after comparing reputation and services, you will feel confident in making the right decision.


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