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Making a Long Distance Move Feel like a Local Move

There are many reasons for moving long distance.
New jobs, military moves, a fresh start, school or even just for a change of scenery. The reasons for moving thousands of miles away are as different as the people who make these moves. Whatever the reasons may be for you to pick up and move great distances there are likely a lot of personal and household possessions that you need to take into consideration before getting the long-distance moving process started.

Here are some tips to make that long distance move feel more like a local move:


Outdated clothes, clothes that don’t fit, clothes that you are ‘going to fit into one day’. Get rid of them. Donate them to someone that will get better use out of them. Papers, CDs, DVDs, last year’s Christmas cards. We hold onto a lot of unnecessary things given the fact that we are now in a digital world. Download the CDs and DVDS, scan the important papers or take pictures of sentimental items…then toss, donate or shred them. They are unnecessary items to move and it will just lighten your load if you get rid of them now. Start small and then take a hard look at the bigger items. The furniture that you have in your place now may not make the move (think about that cheap bookcase you bought in college) or even fit in your new place. Get ready to donate, give away to family and friends and sell anything that you can do without.


After you have minimized the load, make an inventory log of everything you have. Count boxes and large items so you have an idea of the size of your move. This will help you when speaking with moving companies, DIY truck places and when you take a final inventory count at the new destination. Have a packing station– an area that is solely dedicated to packing and a packing apron that has: packing tape, permanent marker for marking boxes, your inventory list and pen, and a dust rag to wipe things as you pack them away.


Do your homework. If a moving quote price sounds too good to be true; then it probably is (too good to be true). When pricing out movers or even DIY moving options read the small print. Ask questions.  Interview and qualify movers. Find out if the movers are certified, BBB approved and check out reviews on other people’s experience with the company. Transparency and companies that take the time to walk you through the process speaks volumes.


Moving expenses add up more than you think. There is the cost of movers, or a DIY truck, packing supplies, gas, tolls, air-fare, setting up utilities, time off of work, hotels, babysitters, pet sitters, home association fees, deposits, traveling expenses, and everything in between. This doesn’t even factor in your own time dedicated to the moving process or the chance that things may not go exactly as planned on the long-distance trip. Staying on top of your budget from the beginning will help you be prepared from start to finish.


When packing use what you have on hand for efficient packing. Linens, towels and pillows are great fillers for boxes and to place in the washer/dryer after they have been unhooked and readied for the move. Slipping knives in a potholder or using those egg crates for holiday bulbs; there are dozens of ways to save money and be efficient in the packing stage. Tightly packed, medium sized moving boxes (that’s sturdy, moving approved boxes) are the best approach. A good rule of thumb is the heavier the items (such as books); the smaller the box. Always keep important documents, valuables and needed personal items on your person during the move and not packed away on the moving truck.


The truck is packed and you are on your way. Why not make an adventure out of it? Who wants to race across the country just to unpack again? If you can spare some time make a trip out of your move. Stop at sights along the way. Take a flight early and explore the new city before you start unpacking. You may be surprised; a little down-time to start out your new adventure can be a great recharge.


You did everything right during the move. From de-cluttering and packing boxes to planning a budget and getting the last box on the truck. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always mean that things are going to go exactly as planned. Children, pets, weather, layovers, traffic, detours….these are all things that are out of your control. Take a few breaths and relax. These things have a way of working themselves out and getting stressed about it is not going to do you or your family any good. Consider padding the trip with some extra time and emergency money so you can be prepared if/when unexpected things are thrown your way.

For more moving tips and tricks stay tuned here or give us a call and speak to one of our certified, moving experts.


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