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How to Pack Up a Kitchen by Professional Movers and Packers

While packing up your kitchen may not seem like a lot of fun, think of it as the perfect time to organize everything for your new kitchen. If you decide not to hire professional movers and packers, like those at Republic Moving and Storage, our expert packers offer these packing tips that have been developed over many years of experience and are sure to help your kitchen goods arrive at your new home intact.

Your Packing Materials

Use sturdy boxes in a variety of sizes, packing tape, markers, scissors, and packing paper. Sure, you could use newspaper to save a few bucks, but think of your dishes all covered in newsprint ink. If you look at things this way, it’s easy to see the value of picking up a stack of packing paper.

Establish Your Priorities

Our professional movers and packers agree you need to establish your priorities when packing. Keep those items you and your family will need for the first few days in separate boxes that are easy to identify. Disposable plates, silverware, and cups can come handy for the first few days until you can get your kitchen put together.

Small Appliances

If you have kept the boxes, your small kitchen appliances came in, use them. If not remove any loose parts, place in a plastic bag, label them and put them all in a box together. This will keep them from getting lost in the move.

Packing Levels

Be sure that as you pack your boxes that you place heavy items on the bottom of the boxes and spread the load out. Then put lighter things on top to finish filling out the boxes. Use towels, blankets, even clothes to pad the boxes, but don’t get too carried away. If you pack your plates too tightly in the box, they are at risk of breakage.

If you are not sure about packing your dishes, our professional movers and packers can take care of packing these items for you to ensure they arrive undamaged at the other end of your move. Label all boxes with dishes and other breakables as “FRAGILE” and “THIS SIDE UP” to ensure they are appropriately placed in the moving van.

Try to keep your boxes in groups such as kitchen, bathroom, mom and dad’s room, etc. This way the movers and packers at your moving company can keep the groups together on the truck, which makes sorting them out at the other end much more manageable. If you are facing an upcoming move, remember to contact Republic Moving & Storage to receive your free quote for packing services.


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