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Advice from Moving and Storage Companies on Choosing a Roommate

There are benefits to sharing a living space with someone else. If you are considering a roommate to share your dorm or apartment, you will want to choose wisely. Moving and storage companies often have the availability to move two people into the same location. Republic Moving & Storage has the following recommendations for selecting an individual you can live with harmoniously.

Set Boundaries
As you consider your own lifestyle, make a list of things you know you won’t budge on. Know your boundaries in advance of meeting with your prospective roommate.  

Make Room Enough to Share
Before your roommate arrives, know in advance which spaces will be shared, like the kitchen or bathroom. You want to be sure to work this out before contacting a list of moving and storage companies, so you know if the space you are considering will have enough room for all the belongings of both parties. Have a plan in advance for handling the dirty dishes, vacuuming, and removal or garbage or other housekeeping chores so there aren’t problems later if one person tends to be tidier than the other.

Work or School Schedules
It’s important to consider whether you want to live with someone on the same schedule as you, or if you would rather have a roomie with an opposite schedule, so you aren’t together as frequently. It is possible for opposite schedules work well, but be sure to pick a moving day and time that accommodates both of you.

Together Time 
Know the types of activities you want your roommate to have in common with you. You may want to find an outdoor enthusiast to have fun with or a homebody who will occasionally watch TV with you. What happens when one of you wants to have family or friends over for a BBQ? Talk about potential social time together or agree in advance on when guests would be welcome. A shared calendar will help.

Working / Studying
This topic can present difficulties, too. Consider how you currently work or study. With so many people working remotely, one of you might be doing your job from home.  In either case, whether working or studying, adequate workspace may be required in a location where there are few disturbances. Plan this out in advance before contacting moving and storage companies to schedule your move, so the furniture won’t need to be moved again later.

Republic Moving & Storage is ready to help you and your roommate combine households. Contact us for a free estimate today!


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