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Moving into Your First Apartment

Moving into your first apartment can be an exciting and sometimes overwhelming experience…especially if you don’t have a plan. For first-time renters the moving process doesn’t stop when you sign your new lease; in fact the fun is just beginning.  Before you start running out of your childhood home make sure to review Republic Moving & Storage’s mini-check-off list which is guaranteed to turn your first-time move into a successful moving experience.

1.  Hire Professional Movers: the investment of professional movers may seem a bit daunting but many first-time movers don’t factor in the costs of a DIY move. Moving and packing supplies, renting a truck, insurance, gas, tolls, parking fees, time, muscle and feeding your slew of friends you beg to help with the move is a big expense.  When you add it all up the prospect of professional movers is more appealing to your muscles, your pocketbook and your friends. Still not convinced? Get a free quote from a reputable moving company that will tailor your move to your budget and needs.

2.  Update: For only $1 you can change your address online with the USPS to ensure that you don’t miss any important mail at your new place.

3. Call: schedule appointments for the cable, internet, gas, electricity and water utilities at least one month prior to moving so you can insure that there is no lag in timing and that you aren’t sitting in the dark on your first night at your new place.

4. Peace of Mind:  When you are first starting out on your own budgets are likely tight so it is important that you safeguard your valuables. At an average cost of $12/month renter’s insurance is well worth the investment and should be factored into your budget so you can protect your most prized and personal possessions from fire, theft and vandalism.

5. Speaking of Budgets: Make a budget. It may seem that you have the finances all under control but especially when you are new to the living-independently game it’s important that you don’t get in over your head.  After you budget for: rent, utilities, auto/transportation, insurance, food, household goods and personal /entertainment expenses you may discover that Ramen noodles are more in-tune with your budget than Filet Mignon or that Basic Cable is more feasible than Movie Channels. Whatever your financial situation it is important that you know your budget going into the moving experience to avoid potential debt down the line.

6. Stock Up: Before you move in to your first apartment start stocking up on household items such as cleaning supplies, kitchen utensils, appliances, housewares and furniture.  When you move for the first time you will discover that there are a lot of items that you take for granted and even more so the cost of these items can add-up quickly. Hand-me-down dishes, second-hand furniture, donations, bargains and bulk deals are now your best friend and giving yourself enough time to ready these items before your move will make the transition into your first apartment that much easier giving your more time to enjoy your new digs.

Wherever you are or want to be in life Republic Moving and Storage can get you there. Stay tuned here for all of your moving, packing and storage needs. Have something to add to the list? Drop us a line in the comments, we love to hear from the hundreds of thousands of people that have helped make us America’s Finest Moving Company.



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