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Do I Need Moving Insurance? Tips from A San Diego Storage & Moving Company

San Diego Storage and Moving Company is here to talk about moving insurance and why you need it

Short answer: Yes, you absolutely need moving insurance. Moving insurance will protect you from any damages to your possessions sustained while moving and can be a real load off of your shoulder. Moreover, moving companies in the US are required by law to provide at least 2 kinds of insurance. If the moving company you are looking at does not offer moving insurance, immediately look elsewhere as it is likely they are a scam moving company. San Diego storage and moving company Priority is here to cover the two main kinds of moving insurance to look for.

Kinds of Moving Insurance

There are 2 kinds of moving insurance that US moving companies are required by law to offer:

  • Released value protection will cover up to $0.60 per pound for items. It does not cover the full market value of possessions. Released value protection is the most basic kind of moving insurance you can get.
  • Full value protection gives full coverage on all your items. Broker items will be repaired and items that cannot be repaired will be replaced with a new one at the same market value, or you can get a cash sum for the value of the broken items. Full value protection doesn’t cover items that are worth more than $100 per pound, such as fine jewelry or other valuable items.

Along with these 2 major kinds of moving insurance, some moving companies may offer third-party insurance. The terms on these insurance plans can differ so make sure you fully understand the terms before signing up with a San Diego storage and moving company.

Again, it is imperative that your moving company offers moving insurance. If they do not, you should find a new moving company.

If you are looking for San Diego storage and moving solution then give Republic Moving & Storage a call at 619-317-0163 and schedule a free moving quote.


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