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Moving Kids to College

Soon enough it will be that time again when high school kids are graduating and ready to begin a new chapter in their lives.  It can be exciting for both kids and parents but of course it can also be an anxious time as well.   Although you’ve had 18 years to prepare, there are certainly things that can help make the move easier and comfort nerves.   Some students will choose to attend a nearby college while others may move half way across the country.  In either scenario it will be necessary to move most, if not all, their items to the new location. The right moving company can certainly help you feel confident that all the items get there securely, on time and help reduce waste after the big move.

Summer Sifting

You can start in the summer previous to the move by sifting through, with your child, items of what he/she will need and what to leave behind.  Be prepared by making a list of fundamental items and add or delete things as necessary.  This will certainly be dependent on the type of building in where your child will be living.  Will it be a dorm or apartment/ house?  By visiting the potential location ahead of time you can get a better idea of space limitations and help make decisions easier.  Be ready and willing to take a back-seat roll during the process and permit him/her to make the final decisions.  After all, your child will be making important life decisions all on his/her own during the college years.  You can always send care packages for items that they have forgotten or need after they have moved.

Going Green at College

The college years are a perfect time to start practicing earth-friendly lifestyles.  So you can bet you’ll be packing up that bicycle or skateboard as an environmentally friendly form of transportation to and from campus.  College is a great time to pick up new ideas and many of these will be the framework for habits your child will use throughout his/her life.

If you have questions about moving to college, moving your residence or business—we would love to help get you where you need to be safely and securely… 619.600.0559.

Happy Moving!  


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