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Moving Office: Decluttering Tips

From San Diego and Temecula to Palm Desert and the greater Southern California area, we are the choice Office Movers from home-offices and small businesses to large corporations. Whether you are considering an office move or would just like to declutter your work-space to improve your productivity, we have the top 10 office decluttering tips to help you achieve your goals.

Top 10 Decluttering Tips:

  1. KEEP CURRENT: Keep only current projects on your desk; ongoing projects can be relocated to a nearby file drawer or placed on your desk in a tiered organizing unit.
  2. SCRAP the SCRAPS: Notes, scraps of paper and reminders should first be scanned or recorded and then shredded and recycled to save time, space and your sanity looking through scraps of papers.
  3. BUSINESS CARDS: When you receive a business card, write any appropriate notes on the card and designate a space out of the way to store the cards. Once a week, designate a time to enter the cards into your phone or computer contacts along with the notes; recycle when complete. Bonus: use a business card scanner to save time when managing large numbers of business cards.
  4. SUPPLIES: Excessive pens, pencils, paper, paperclips and notepads are a nuisance especially when you have to continuously move them from spot-to-spot to make more room on your desk. Utilize drawers and cabinets for supplies. If they don’t all fit, you have too many and should consider donating to a local school or charity organization. Most importantly, these donations are tax deductible so keep your donation receipts.
  5. INCOMING: confine incoming mail to a box that sits off to the side or the corner of our desk. Same goes for items waiting completion, designate a spot to keep them organized and out of the way with a stack file or box.
  6. CORD CONTROL: designate an out-of-the-way spot for your cords and electronics so they do not need to be continually moved around when you are working. We recommend setting up a dock station in a drawer by placing a power strip on the side of the drawer and running the cords out the backside. If your electronics have a designated area, chances are it will be easier to remember your cell phone, tablet or laptop when you leave the office.
  7. PERSONAL TOUCHES: having a decluttered space will save you time, increase productivity and will lighten your moving load when you do decide to relocate. A personal photo or two are nice touches but remember that less-is-more in regards to your work space and personal items.
  8. GO PAPERLESS: Yes, paperless. The thought is daunting but once you get hang of the system of scanning and entering all necessary data, it will save you time, clutter and most importantly—the environment. Start small and work your way to a paperless workspace—pick five bills that you currently get via snail-mail and change your delivery preference to electronic.
  9. ARM’S LENGTH: a good rule of thumb is to keep only what you need immediately within arm’s length. Boxes of supplies, frames and trinkets should be put away in their designated areas. Keyboard, monitor, phone and any office equipment used on a daily basis should be within arm’s length.
  10. GO PUBLIC: Mark the calendar and let the world know about the declutter plan. Putting the pressure on yourself to finish within a specific time frame will help ensure that you complete the task. Take it a step further and challenge a fellow clutter friend to a challenge.

Questions about your next office move? Chat with a Republic Office Moving Specialist today, take advantage of our free office moving quote and then get on the road to a stress-free office moving experience.



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