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Moving & Packing Companies: How to Save the Most Money on your Move

Relocating to a new residence is very exciting – but sometimes also expensive. After finally finding the perfect home, you’re now tasked with a long, seemingly never-ending list of things that must be done to prepare for the big move. The more things to do, the more costs often add up. However, thanks to Republic Moving and Storage, one of the leading moving & packing companies in the state, our professionals have the following tips on how to save the most money on your move.

Save the Most When You Choose an Off-Season Date

One of the things that can really save you quite a bit of money is to choose a moving date that’s off-season. Typically, for moving & packing companies, the busiest time of year is summer. So, opt instead for an early spring or fall relocation. During these months, rates are usually significantly less pricy.

Don’t Bother Hauling Items You Don’t Need

The moment you get the news that you’re moving, start going through your home to get rid of things you no longer want to keep. There’s simply no reason why you should bother hauling items you have no intention of keeping. Remember, in the end, the cost of your relocation typically depends on the number of boxes and the weight of the truck. There’s no sense in adding to the costs with unnecessary items.

Rent a Truck and Save Big

If you’ve decided on attempting to carry out the entire move yourself without professional assistance, there’s no doubt you can indeed lower your expenses. Having said that, you’ll need several friends or family to help out and the transfer will likely take you a significantly longer amount of time. But certainly, it’s an option.

Get Free (or Cheap) Moving Supplies

Freebies on Facebook, from friends and family members, and department store giveaways are great ways to save costs on supplies. Another way to keep more money in your pocket is to buy in bulk online or shop around for bargain deals in office supply or department stores.

Get Great Advice from Experienced Moving & Packing Companies

Looking for more advice for your upcoming move or to get a quote for your big day? Call us right now at Republic Moving and Storage to schedule a free quote or find out more about our cost-effective rates.


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